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  1. Tootts

    Trailer Tents in Camper Van fields?

    Excellent thank you! How many does yours sleep? Want a 6 berth I reckon... will look at Dandys too - currently on the gumtree hunt for a good second hand 80's or 90's one!
  2. Does anyone know if Trailer Tents are allowed in the campervan fields at Glastonbury? Am guessing they are treated the same as caravans/campervans but haven't seen one there... thinking of getting one for family hols and this use would be an added bonus!
  3. Tootts

    Kate Tempest - Extraordinary

    This! I haven't watched any of it back yet but just watched this and weeped again! Love you Kate Tempest so much. Seen her perform a few times to bigger and bigger audiences and wondering whether it will work and it does every time, she deserves to be HUGE.
  4. Tootts

    Clash regrets...I've got a few

    Had a RIDE/Kate Tempest issue on the Fri but chose Kate Tempest and no kicking myself on that one - just wow. Watched a bit of Ride on playback tonight actually they looked great though!
  5. Tootts

    Clash regrets...I've got a few

    This always happens to me and I wish it wouldn't, but there are a couple of acts I regret missing every year. This year I am mostly kicking myself over missing Jon Hopkins at Arcadia and choosing a quieter night at The Jacksons instead. The choice of acts this year was particularly immense though and there were always going to be some tough choices! Who are you most kicking yourself over missing?
  6. Tootts

    Flaming lips

    I've just shed a tear showing this set to the kids on catch up...I think I need an early night...
  7. Tootts

    HMS Sweet Charity

    Shit I have NEVER noticed that! It looks quite noticeable too... Thanks x
  8. Tootts

    HMS Sweet Charity

    Apologies if this has been covered before but anyone know where the HMS Sweet Charity stage/area is? I don't recall seeing it in the past and wondering if I can squeeze in a band there on the Saturday night... all depends where it is...
  9. Tootts

    The Ed Sheeran thread

    I took my 8 year old son to watch Ed Sheeran on Monday at the O2 (he's a massive fan) - not my bag in the slightest but I have to give him credit - he is very good live and has great interaction with his fans. I def won't be watching him in June, but I think he is a worthy headliner and will do a good job, he is same demographic as Coldplay/Mumfords and there are a hell of a lot of Glastonbury-goers who love all that... I had a terrible experience watching Mumford & Sons in 2013 mainly due to completely destroying myself on the Saturday night and being too weak to resist my friend who wanted to watch them. It was an awful dreary end to a brilliant year! But, it was rammed and people seemed to be loving it, as they will with Mr Sheeran. He seems like a nice guy and I liked that he did that Kurupt FM thing for Comic Relief - maybe they will come on as one of his guests!
  10. Tootts

    Festival Bags

    Considering buying one of those 'coolbag' rucksacks to keep cans cool throughout the day... has anyone done this before and is it worth it? Got a camper with fridge so can start cold every morning... ordered a new bumbag today too - OH THE EXCITEMENT
  11. Tootts

    The Major Lazer Lads

    I saw them a few years ago off the back of the first album (which I enjoyed) and it was awful, featuring someone wandering around the stage in a Major Lazer inflatable suit, Diplo zorbing badly and taking his top off/waving it around his head, and nonsense EDM music. I was aghast but the crowd were going nuts! I think I might be about 20 years too old though... won't be making that mistake again
  12. Tootts

    new here? introduce yourself

    Hello long time reader of the forum and actually I think I have another log in but forgot what it was this will be my tenth Glastonbury since 1995, the tenth anniversary of my honeymoon there in 2007 and also my 40th birthday celebrations, so it's going to be even more of a cracker than usual! Delighted with the lineup so far, the headliners on either stages not normally my bag but have counted about 25 I would like to see already... hello everyone! Bring on June
  13. Tootts

    Run the Jewels, Jewels, Jewels

    Last night was SO GOOD - really looking forward to them in June! What are thoughts on a Sonic headline spot similar to Nas slot a few years ago? Too small? Would love a triumphant return to WH as headliners but in my dreams... also agree on them not really having anything mainstream enough for the Pyramid slot Skepta took last year although Close Your Eyes maybe? Hard to tell...