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  1. Oh really! it says if you arrive in a caravan you'll be turned away though, that would be awful! What about the no tents in campervan fields, is that enforced? We have a massive tent for kids which we put up next to our little caravan and awning.
  2. Have just been looking at this fest for next year and it says no caravans, but they allow campervans and trailer tents! Hardly seems fair, I wonder what they have against caravans?
  3. what was that page change at 3.24? I can't see any difference....
  4. Have there been further page changes today? I haven't had any more email alerts from sibley, and that system was totally on the ball yesterday
  5. That's about the size of it yep!
  6. Cool! Thanks for that, wow this forum is so useful lol, for the things you can't really discuss anywhere else!
  7. Cos no nicotine? I get that, but surely a pipe does the same job?
  8. What's the benefit of vaping dry herb though? Doesn't it just produce smoke to inhale, so no better or more discreet than a joint?
  9. Thanks Emmett, have you got a link for making the liquid too? Does it take as long as ingesting cooked weed does to get a high?
  10. Got a link? I want to get one but don't want to get a duffer!
  11. Thanks, did you have any luck?
  12. Me neither, which page did it actually happen on?
  13. So is there any chance at all that there will be anymore GA tickets available? So gutted I missed it. How many people here were successful? It was so quick.
  14. I'm very sad that after days of being glued to the computer they did it during school pick up time
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