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  1. Dub-You

    My first ever gig.....

    Foo Fighters, 1997, Auckland Town Hall.
  2. Dub-You

    Co-Op / alcohol

    I never made it into the coop this year. What was the mixer situation? If I wanted a bunch of tonic cans, would they have them?
  3. This might be my least productive day ever. Working from home, constantly checking these threads, have the BBC highlights on the TV, and keep getting jealous of everyone on social on their way/already on site... Just an afternoon to go!
  4. Been trying to keep the excitedness under wraps. But its gotten loose today. So much so I am posting here for the first time in three-ish years!
  5. From 2014-16, which is what I have to pick from: Arcade Fire - my first headliner, the first time I really got the scale of the pyramid crowd, and it was a banger. Robert Plant - never thought I would hear Led Zeppelin songs performed live. Got to do it standing in a puddle with my cousin, who I randomly found there. tUnEyArDs - my first "discovery" at the festival, went to see Jurassic 5, and TuneYards was on before. Spent far too long trying to figure out what the sparkly eyes were flashing on the West Holt actually were. Lionel Richie - culmination point of an epic weekend with a great bunch of mates, tired, dirty and happy, singing along in the sun. Lionel Saves. Art Garfunkel - another one I never thought I would see live, had a bit of a cry listening to him perform old Simon and Garfunkel songs, thinking about my dad. I've missed so many.
  6. Volunteering this year with Oxfam. Will be the first time volunteering, but after missing out in 2017, and again in this years sales my GF and I grabbed volunteer places. I am actually looking forward to it quite a bit, giving something back to the festival we both love so much. Any thing a pair of newbie volunteers should know?
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