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  1. ZyleneC

    Secret resales

    I think they were reading it as you were disciplining Mrsstocksey heheh
  2. ZyleneC

    Secret resales

    It's still saying on sale 22 June once you get through on that link
  3. ZyleneC

    Secret resales

    not available yet by the looks of it
  4. ZyleneC

    Secret resales

    Can i join as well Sent, Thanks cityboy75
  5. ZyleneC

    Secret resales

    Can i join as well please
  6. ZyleneC

    new here? introduce yourself

    been around for years but only as a lurker, never got up the courage to post anything before, got tickets for 2016 and this will be glasto number 10 for us. Trying for one more ticket for one of our group who missed out and knew that if anyone could help me it would be you guys