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  1. MartinK

    IOW Solo ???

    Hi Did Glastonbury solo last year, although I’d been the previous 4 years. I’m already depressed I’ve got no festival to look forward to in June - so how would I get on at IOW? Are people just as friendly? Can you take beer in like at glasto? Any other advice. It’s a bloody long trek from Staffordshire ! is it best to take my car to the island or leave it at a port in the UK Thanks for any advice
  2. MartinK

    Should Flags be Banned?

    Please don't hate me but this year was the worst ever for stage visibility from afar Take them with you, use at your tent and for locating people but please during a show put them down I like to wander across all stages so the chances of me getting to the front is slim - maybe ban them from the front section of the Pyramid and in music tents? Also at places like the Park where we don't have luxury of big screens. Sorry to moan - this was however the best year I've ever been - absolutely everything was incredible, just the flags wind me up !
  3. MartinK

    See Coaches - a bit of a shambles...

    Luckily I was going to Taunton on the 9:30 coach so not that many people but at the same gate were coaches to Manchester - a few people couldn't get on the coach with genuine tickets. Mine wasn't checked and I doubt if any of the others were
  4. MartinK

    Festival Photographer Needed!

    £200 for 300-400 photos - bargain
  5. MartinK

    Thursday arrival - how are you coping?

    Hope it's gone by 17:00 when I get there !
  6. MartinK

    Thursday arrival - how are you coping?

    I think you folks have dropped on to honest - 31 degrees and the biggest queues I've seen !
  7. MartinK

    're entry

    Good decision - let everyone get in first before those lucky to be already in worry about leaving and getting back in
  8. MartinK

    15:45 Coach from Taunton

    Anyone catching it? Stayed over last night and now seriously considering what to do for 7 hours Happy to meet up for a couple of pre-coach drinks if anyone is around
  9. MartinK

    Rain boots

    I've just ditched the wellies for walking boots - probably regret it !
  10. MartinK

    is mosquito repellent needed ?

    Never usually get bitten but it's never usually been this hot. Went to a BBQ this weekend and got eaten alive. I'm taking a repellant spray for the small space it takes up in my bag
  11. MartinK

    How much should a camping chair onsite cost?

    Last year I think they were £10 each or 2 for £15. They got cheaper towards the end of the festival
  12. MartinK

    Hot weather advice

    Good advice. This is my 5th Glasto since 2013 and I'm thinking it could too hot if that's possible. Just put my tent up to check it over and the heat nearly finished me off !
  13. MartinK


    Not sure what to expect this year - headed up there a few times last year and it was pretty dull. Not sure the weather put bands off getting up that hill but nothing was going on when I was up there
  14. MartinK

    Most romantic places to propose

    Cheesy one, but in the craft fields. Have her create her own ring at one of the stalls then propose with the real one. Yeuck sorry I've had a few ciders already !
  15. MartinK

    Most romantic places to propose

    Beat me to it lol !!!!