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  1. secondr0w

    PLEASE DONATE (Not Glasto Related)

    Hello All, I know this isn't Glastonbury related, but this is a cause very dear to a lot of peoples hearts. Every penny counts. https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/Freddysfightforlife All info you may need is on the crowdfunding page. He is the little boy of a member of one of the volunteer clubs that provide stewarding services at the festival each year. If this post isn't allowed, I apologize and admin please feel free to remove Thanks in Advance Secondr0w
  2. secondr0w

    5 Flamingo's..

    If you see us on Sunday please get a picture and post it here!
  3. secondr0w

    Worthy View arrivals

    Can confirm more security staff there now to speed it up
  4. secondr0w

    Brothers Bar...

    Let's hope it lasts without any price changes!
  5. secondr0w

    Worthy View arrivals

    Entered through Pennard Hill gate last night. Asked to empty pockets and then walked straight in. No bag search or anything! Had a shift early this morning so left after the fireworks last night.. queue to get in was half way up the hill.
  6. secondr0w

    Who's arriving when 2017 Poll

    Tuesday around 1pm. Working so i'll be on site early to avoid the queues!
  7. secondr0w

    Nightshift... help!

    No stranger to night shifts in a warehouse.. but im actually occupied all night. Volunteering for my ticket again this year, one of those hi vis people you see dotted around at the side of the roads around the festival site! One of my shifts is a beautiful 12 hour night shift...7-7. relying on efests for ideas to stay awake for the whole 12 hours.. or at least make it pass quicker! Work has a mental drugs/alcohol test policy.. cheers!
  8. http://www.gooutdoors.co.uk/banshee-barrow-p299232 not the best of bargains but looks to be a bloody sturdy fold flat truck
  9. secondr0w

    Steel Pints!

    Sorry if this is a repost, could someone link me to an old thread if so? Thanks! Anyone know if Glastonbury are using the steels again this year, and if so more of them? Personally I thought it was a great idea but a few I went with disagreed (they never managed to get a steel cup so..) What's everyone's thoughts?
  10. secondr0w

    Personal Worst / most embarrassing event

    So we all know many things happen at Glastonbury that in any other place, well, just wouldn't! whats everyone's personal worst and/or most embarrassing thing that's happened to them at Glastonbury?
  11. secondr0w

    2016 Secret Resales - Whatsapp Group

    Awesome idea, great glasto spirit! PM'd you!