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  1. If you actually read the Council report, not the news article, the reason this is being introduced is due to the disparity between gates. Some confiscated excess alcohol, others didn't, and the stewards requested some form of standardisation in order to help them distinguish between excess and allowable.. Or so that's what the meeting report says, that could just be political BS 🤣 At the end of the day you guys are some of the most resourceful and cunning bastards I have / haven't met yet, the Eavii know this too and know they would never stop those who wanted to bringing it in...
  2. I take both an antihistamine tablet and then a nasal spray I bought in the USA. Seems to be stronger than the ones over here but its probably in my head... seems to work though!
  3. 34 cans of cider 1 Ltr Smirnoff Rasberry (was cheaper than normal vodka woo!) 4 Cans of cocktail for breakfast Prefer to buy more in there really, can't beat that cider bus cider!
  4. Easy Pass Out bands, instead of normal festival bands- what most volunteers and staff have to allow them easy access and egress without ID and a ticket stump.
  5. secondr0w

    Glasto hacks 2.0

    Drilled a small hole (above the pint line!) in my reusable stainless steel cup, now it can easily attach to a lanyard!
  6. Done. Best of luck with your studies young'un
  7. secondr0w

    Pop ups

    Same for me? should probably let @efestivals know!
  8. Is the stage on a different angle to usual?
  9. https://www.thelovefields.com/festival-packages-2019 if you've got a couple grand to drop...
  10. 1) Don't piss on the land 2) Don't piss on the land 3) DON'T PISS ON THE LAND +Don't piss on the tarps around urinals. Just wait your turn. We're all friends here...
  11. Not great... not terrible.
  12. Taken from the festivals Instagram account... look at the tracks! Dry dry dry! ??
  13. I don't finish my shift until 7pm, offsite on the south side! Enjoy all x
  14. Tuesday around 2/3pm, enough time to set up camp, mooch on site for a while before getting me head down for some kip before working 7-7 weds!
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