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  1. On this poster Scalping are on the lineup, but on the Facebook event poster in the cover photo and the website they don't seem to be listed... assuming this means they are no longer playing, which would be a shame as I'd like to catch them. Mind you clashes are going to be brutal at this festival aren't they! Also not sure if anyone has caught this, but it is awesome
  2. Just seen the Beat Hotel festival in Marrakesh has been cancelled/postponed due to Coronavirus... Real shame, it looked a really good little festival, got to feel for the ticket holders as getting money back on flights could be tricky too. Hope this doesn't affect it's long term future. Good to see Houghton is coming back despite having to cancel last year, I was really worried that having to cancel would mean the end for relatively new and small festivals like Houghton/Beat Hotel. I assume this won't have any consequences or impact on their area at Glasto will it? I don't really know how all that business works but I just wondered if it may have an affect? Or am I worrying over nothing...
  3. Unlikely I know, but I think it could be pretty cool if there was a particular slot on a day, say 5-6pm, where all the main 5 stages had unannounced / secret slots all at the same time. The chaos it would spark with people dashing round site not knowing what to go to would be blockbuster, though potentially not good for crowd control...
  4. Always love this thread and probably should contribute more, seeing @Matt42 report from Fabric made me want to chip in I was there too and thought Ricardo was on great form, that sound system really adds so much, the detail in the songs is like nothing else. Couldn't agree more about the aura and sentimentality that you get out of him on top form, in those very early hours when the crowd has thinned there really is a great feeling of unspoken camaraderie in that room. That track Matt shared featuring Tom's Diner was incredible. He also played some sort of remix of Metronomy - The Look, mixed into this: I know he plays it a lot, but he also played this at about 10am which I can never get enough of: It wrapped up about 11:45, he ended on something that has all the hallmarks of an unreleased one by him, at least 15 mins long, a great spoken word/vocal snippet coming in and out stretched out over time, and some nice jangly thing repeating. Would love to know what it was but I fear it will be a mystery. Though tbh I think sometimes it is best when the tune you hear out and loved remains a mystery, and all you have is your distorted memory of how it sounded and felt at the time.
  5. I haven't seen this mentioned already, so apologies if it has already been said, but my Uncle went to this the other week in London: https://whatson.bfi.org.uk/Online/default.asp?BOparam::WScontent::loadArticle::permalink=bugspecialchemicalbrothers&BOparam::WScontent::loadArticle::context_id= He said in the Q and A they seemed to hint/let slip that Chems will be at Latitude next year! Apparently one of the panelists who I think is involved with the Chems videos/lighting was saying that he doesn't go to Glastonbury anymore as it is too far away from home, but he goes to Latitude as it is nearby, and the response was "well that is convenient for next year then" and there was a kind of "not sure what to say to that reaction" by the other panelists and somebody said "whoops we weren't meant to say that" That isn't word for word how it happened as I wasn't there, but that is the jist of what he said happened. So just thought I'd share!
  6. 87 BEANS

    Michael Kiwanuka

    Just echoing what has been said, he was arguably my standout performance from Glasto this year gone, what late afternoons on the Park are made for. I would be worried he would be drowned out by the crowd on the Pyramid, I would find it harder to connect to some of the slow sprawling epics on that stage I think. The new album is excellent, but I still personally think Love and Hate is better, it is a masterpiece :)
  7. That’s the spirit, good on them hope they have a great time! Gutted for everyone who had a ticket for Houghton, hope it doesn’t have any long term implications for the festival either as I went last year and it was really great. Four of the key stages at Houghton are right within the woods with overhanging woodland, so I guess maybe this may cause extra health and safety problems with lightning and strong winds causing fallen trees or branches? Not sure if that could have had a part to play maybe?
  8. They teased that it was coming soon at least a week ago and then haven't mentioned it since! Mr Scruff said when he was on Worldwide FM that him and Colin Curtis were 9pm-4am on the Friday, so they must have them ready to go you'd think! Hopefully soon now What clashes are people worried about?
  9. I'll be there! Never went to Secret Garden Party but heard great things about it as a venue so should be a cracker. Already fretting over clashes as the Friday looks very stacked with so much on that I want to see. Good problem to have I suppose
  10. Given what you mentioned your interests are in the OP I assume you may have come across it, but I thoroughly recommend Energy Flash by Simon Reynolds, fittingly named after one of the all time great electronic anthems! Anything by Simon Reynolds to be honest, his style of writing is just amazing and he really does a great job of bringing in the sociology, philosophy and all that stuff. There are some great parts where he links it all in to social theory/philosophy and references interesting people like Hakim Bey and Deleuze and Guattari and others Might be a bit heavy to pack on the coach though mind, it is a big old book! https://www.amazon.co.uk/Energy-Flash-Journey-Through-Culture/dp/0571289134/ref=asc_df_0571289134/?tag=googshopuk-21&linkCode=df0&hvadid=309950375723&hvpos=1o2&hvnetw=g&hvrand=13339289365863014395&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9046009&hvtargid=pla-471135189739&psc=1&th=1&psc=1
  11. 87 BEANS

    day and stage

    Giant Swan's tour dates poster on their Facebook page lists Glastonbury as Sunday 30th. They have two live shows announced, one for Glade stage and one for The Spike so I am assuming they are both on the Sunday based on that poster. Really excited for them but given how intense and energetic I expect it to be I wish it wasn't on the Sunday when energy levels will be at their lowest! https://www.facebook.com/giantswanmusic/
  12. Did anybody here get to Four Tet at Ally Pally either of the previous two nights? The light installation really was amazing, I know he had it at previous gigs he has played but it was the first time I have seen it used and it added so much to the experience! Somebody told me it was 42,000 lights... though I am skeptical of that number. I know he wouldn't be able to bring it to a festival show but let's hope he crops up playing some more shows other than the Silver Hayes one that's been announced already. Also Daughter off the latest album is such a lovely song isn't it, especially to close on... my friends and I were discussing what the sample that it uses could possibly be (I am assuming it's a sample), long shot but if anyone has any ideas would love to know!
  13. 87 BEANS

    The National

    Hey everyone, sorry if it has already been mentioned but I just wanted to say there is an exhibition in London on at the moment that includes the video in one of the rooms of "A lot of Sorrow" where The National played Sorrow without stopping for over 6 hours back in 2015! I spent a good hour or so in there and it was weirdly hypnotic and enchanting! It's on until 9th December so just thought I would share incase anybody wants to try and catch it It is apart of this and is at the Strand so near Somerset House: http://www.strangedays-memoriesofthefuture.com/
  14. 87 BEANS


    It doesn't seem to be a UK festival exclusive, so I reckon they are gonna be on the farm! Seems to fit in with the touring schedule so far. I can't work out what slot they'd likely get, Other or West Holts headliner? I worry it may be a similar situation to Aphex Twin the other year, where he wanted Other but was offered a smaller stage so didn't end up playing (at least that is what I read in another thread on here if my memory serves me right)
  15. Hi Ben! I've enjoyed following this group for a bit so thought I should chirp up and get involved I went in 2017 and it was fantastic. If it wasn't for the fact its a very expensive week with flights and everything, I would make it a yearly trip! Some of the stages (Moat, Mungo's Arena, the Ballroom) are such great surreal places to party. I saw Ben UFO post on his instagram story a while back saying the Moat was the best festival stage in the world... As Secret Ingredient and Col!n said, the undercover police is a bit of a pain, my friend got caught and had to pay a fine (can't remember the amount), though he did manage to pay the fine and get back to the rest of us within hour, before we had even moved on, so at least it was efficient... As long as you are aware and discrete I don't think it is too much of a problem The lineups always feel really broad and well thought out, was great to see people like Cymande, Kamaal Williams, Khruangbin, Ata Kak all live earlier on and then gradually move on to some heavier stuff. Based on your love of techno I think you will fall in love with the Moat, SUCH a good stage and is generally reserved for the "proper techno" It's also really cool how they are promoting up and coming DJs through the "DJ Directory" and giving them prominent slots. Feels like the people running it have good intentions and this "get down early" series of nights they are putting on in the UK at the moment where established acts like Legowelt are warming up for the lesser known acts is fantastic in my opinion. In summary definitely go! The crowd was nice and reasonably laid back, and there was always room to dance the year I went, no issues with overcrowding which is my biggest mood killer! P.S. Shout out to Billy Nasty playing Radiohead - Idioteque as the final song of the set/night when he played
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