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  1. Helzabel

    We are swapping Monday 7AM coach Glasto to London for Monday PM

    Yeah true, just give us a text when you know! I have to go to work at some point on Monday and would probably prefer it not to be at 9pm! Cheers!
  2. Helzabel

    We are swapping Monday 7AM coach Glasto to London for Monday PM

    Ooh we're interested! We have a 3pm ticket, the catch being that it's to Reading (it was the only one left in the resale!) so you'd need another 25 min train to London Paddington. If that's at all tempting to you then I can give you our numbers!
  3. Helzabel

    Secret resales

    I wonder how many people were using the pagechecker... @eFestivals? - it did give a massive advantage! Unfortunately not enough to compensate for me losing my mind as soon as I realised it was real, but I imagine that If all 300 or so people browsing this thread as well as as many non-members and facebook people were ready to go then it could easily have been a thousand tickets gone in 30 seconds. I'm probably giving up now :(
  4. Helzabel

    Secret resales

    Urrrgh I got through to the page where there was the option to add a water bottle or car parking and in a blind panic thought that's all it was, with no main ticket. Caused me to stall long enough that they were gone by the time I came to my senses. What a waste of a week :(
  5. Helzabel

    new here? introduce yourself

    Hello all! I'm Heledd (it's welsh!) and I'm a lurker. I didn't really trust myself to start commenting in case I never did anything else, but I failed to get tickets this year so since I'm gonna be spending all day every day watching out for secret resales I thought I might as well chat to some nice people at the same time! I've been four times so far, there are still so many places I've yet to explore - Glasto never gets old!
  6. Helzabel

    Secret resales

    That's strange - I'm using Web alert and got nothing. It's checked it since then too. I can't see any settings I could tweak, do you have the extra features or something? It's worked for other changes, but I don't want it to miss the subtle ones!
  7. Helzabel

    Secret resales

    Great summary! Just wondering, are you using an app for the twitter notifications or just what's built in to the site? I'm getting notifications from the twitter app but they don't draw enough attention for my liking!
  8. Helzabel

    Secret resales

    Long time lurker, just missed out on tickets this morning (and Thursday - I basically panicked and lost the card payment page after getting through straight away!) so I thought I'd join this lovely thread! I was just reading through the joy of secret resale day last year - hopefully I can be part of something similar this year! So last year were there any coach tickets or just GA? I'd rather coach but at least with GA you don't have to go back and forth when the particular coach runs out! I have all the apps watching the page but no idea if any work, hopefully they'll change it soon!