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  1. Lauv’s album was pretty decent. I Like Me Better was last years earworm for me and he’s in Europe.
  2. I'd really love to see Angus & Julia Stone play The Park or something,
  3. Thanks for that Sully, i've set it up! Really wish there was an app that could send push notifications for this sort of thing too. I'm sure it's easy enough if you have the technical know-how but would be great it someone had made a wizard that did it for you.
  4. Hey guys, Have been a guest to this forum over the last four years now and have found it seriously helpful on a number of occasions, so thanks! I thought it was about time to join. Luckily i'm returning again this year, but failed this morning; for the fourth time, in trying to get my friend a ticket, who's been with me every year. Obviously she's devastated, so i've helped her apply for all the usual job opportunities at the festival. Any info/help on these secret resales would be massively appreciated though.
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