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  1. Adamon


    I was at the payment for Jonny Depp but cancelled due to not knowing what exactly I was paying for/ how many people to a car. Bit shit really because i would have liked to have gone.
  2. Adamon

    The Park 2017

    I take it he doesn't play with Rostam though? Is he just doing the songs from that album?
  3. Adamon

    Secret resales

  4. Adamon

    Secret resales

    If they need to test it they won't be doing it on the live server anyway. It'll be on a test environment somewhere. Once they're happy it works the whole lot will be pushed to live. There's no reason that there would be any change prior to the final push. Sometimes there is, but there doesn't have to be. They almost definitely wouldn't add commented html code and then just uncomment it at go live.
  5. Adamon

    Hara Krishna Tent

    It's great. Like @ripcurl85 said, it's around the corner from the EE tent. The food isn't amazing or anything like that but good vibes and free food (plus a donation) make it a festival must for me every year.
  6. Adamon

    Demon Dayz Festival

    Exactly! Not only £70 but an extra £30 for the bus (or £15 for park and ride). It makes me feel better at least knowing that the tickets just for gorillaz were a similar price but yeah, i am expecting what was advertised, hopefully they're just being secretive.
  7. Adamon

    Demon Dayz Festival

    I don't think i've ever been to a festival that hasn't released the lineup this close to the event. Literally no idea of when it might drop either. Puts me on edge.
  8. Adamon

    Secret resales

    The whole see tickets domain is inaccessible from my office! It's never been an issue before but for some reason I can't get to it. IT don't seem to know either. It's a network thing rather than a antivirus or laptop thing. I can get on with the guest network but I can't be connected to that all the time. If the resale is 10 minutes I might stand a chance but if it's as quick as last years I fear I'm out of luck. This sucks.
  9. Adamon

    Secret resales

    I was on for last years so that's the only one I can comment on, it was just after 3pm
  10. Adamon

    Secret resales

    Just as a bit of info.. I added last years resale date too...
  11. Adamon

    Secret resales

    Just a typo in the comment. I'm in the right place.
  12. Adamon

    Coach pickup and dropoff

    Compiled the cities that have been discusses. Still a lot missing! City Departure Point Extra Notes Manchester Outside the CIS building Liverpool Empire Theatre Glasgow North Hanover Street bus bay - opposite Queen Street Station Previous pickup time has been Tues at 11pm Taunton Tangiers Coach Park Tesco 100yds away so could get last minute supplies there. Brighton Opposite Sealife Center Stoke Train station London O2 Bath Riverside Coach Park Plymouth Car park next to Home Park (Plymouth Argyle stadium) Sheffield Pond Pond Hill S12BG Swansea The road just top of The Kingsway, by the Dragon Hotel Birmingham Hill Street Up the road towards the Town Hall from the John Lewis entrance of New Street Leeds Soveriegn street, not far from the train station
  13. Adamon

    Secret resales

    I asked prematurely, looks like it's when i'm connected to a VPN. Is this a new security measure or something? The VPN is UK based and it's just my work one.
  14. Adamon

    Secret resales

    I get an empty response/this page isn't working message periodically when i go to seetickets.glastonbury.com. I've checked on my phone and the page is fine so was wondering if anyone had any clue why it might not be working in my pc browser?
  15. Adamon


    Different years. The syrian orchestra last year is what i assume you're talking about. Gorillaz had a similar thing when they played a couple years before.