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  1. Yes well I dip in & out, if you see what I mean... like I did the night before the 2015 main sale!! hahahaha
  2. Hello sorry only just saw this, you buy 30 because it takes most normal people some time to get preganant and they cost £4 each in Boots so it quickly adds up. Because most people don't get pregnanat after having sex once, the day the woman comes off the pill!!! Eek
  3. I put mine back for 2015. Mrs came off the pill the day of my mate's wedding and we did the deed that night. Next morning was the sale & we all got tickets. Worked the dates out & realised if she got up the duff I wouldn't be able to go so didn't have sex for 2 months. In the meantime I'd bought 30 preg tests off eBay for £3. When they arrived I tried one out on her & it went straight to prgnant. We had literally had sex once, the day she came off the pill. Daughter's due date was July 8th so couldn't go & had to cancel my ticket. Pretty genuine reason I'd say but was gutted. Went again in 2016 and what a shit year that was!
  4. Benja100

    efests Exit Poll

    Who would you say opposition supporters are? genuinely interested in your view I’ve not seen it get particularly heated but I think people on here are generally nicer than some forums probably as they’re festival goers who are a pleasant bunch in the main
  5. Boy is this the thread for you!
  6. Thanks everyone for the banter and vote Salted caramel was always going to win this one, whilst no one really loves it, it had all the big corporations behind it pushing its agenda, like Tesco’s, and people felt they had no choice even thou the other flavours did look more appealing
  7. Benja100

    efests Exit Poll

    Ok but people were sick of Blair and Brown at that time. Credit crunch, growing concern over the national debt, iraq, bank bailouts etc. Its illogical to assume Labour failed in 2010 due to be centrists.
  8. Benja100

    efests Exit Poll

    Centrism lost the argument in 2010? There was a coalition between Cameron who was pretty similar to Blair, and the Lib Dem’s. What’s centrist if that’s not?
  9. Benja100

    efests Exit Poll

    It makes me very sad to read this and I demand you try to find something positive to focus on please you are a prisoner of your own perspective in that someone living a very similar life to you in your street is possibly the happiest person in your town The world is full of events beyond our control and the more you think about them the more unhappy you could get Labour losing the election is not the worst thing to happen in the world yesterday there will be victims of horrendous crimes and accidents and terrible injustices and circumstances The UK has a lot to offer. It is far from perfect but if you’re that down about an election result you’ll find misery anywhere with that attitude Think of the millions/billions of people in the world who would love to live here. If you earn £14k or more you’re in the top 4% of global income. Healthcare, education, services, social welfare.... not perfect but some countries don’t have any of it at all! Don't squander the opportunity to enjoy living here, have some resolve to help some others, make the difference you can, block out the things you can’t change, and enjoy your life
  10. Benja100

    efests Exit Poll

    If the Tories fuck it all up, which they will, it wont matter how the votes are distributed or historic boundaries changing. Friday showed us that. All Labour need is to accept they got it badly wrong for a while and change direction. Please.
  11. Benja100

    efests Exit Poll

    Yes this please However you can’t blame him for staying out of the toxic sludge that is UK politics The problem is I can’t see Momentum admitting they got it wrong and the project is over and they have a lot of influence in the party. Ed Miliband has a lot to answer for
  12. Benja100

    efests Exit Poll

    Come on man. The Tories have now got a job ahead of them that will make Labours Brexit dilemma seem like child’s play. Tories have to do Brexit to an impossible timeline, keep a load of new voters happy who hate them, and deal with a coming recession. they will fuck it up and then I pray Labour aren’t still peddling a failed hard left ideology. Be ready with someone fantastic and untainted and a strong shadow cabinet. No boundary changes will stop them getting in!
  13. Benja100

    efests Exit Poll

    No no no Mr Crazy. Nothing to worry about. Boundary changes are a reality of all governments. It didn’t keep Labour out of power for 13 of the last 22 years What has kept them out of power the rest of the time has been a combination of weak leaders and unpalatable policies. If Labour get a good leader and move away from this hard left experiment that has not worked, the voters will return I promise you
  14. Benja100

    efests Exit Poll

    You’re assuming the young people won’t change their mind as they age, it’s a well established phenomenon That they do. Once people have kids, family, loans, mortgages, pensions, they might think differently, also the Tories might not be as shit by then. If Tories are more moderate and poverty is reduced and Food bank usage is reduced or gone, the NHS still hasn’t been sold, and Labour are still on a socialist tip, they might not be that appealing electorally. I’m not saying this will happen but I’m also saying you can’t just assume that people don’t swap sides, look what happened yesterday after all.
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