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  1. Don't get me wrong it gets good lineups but the inside of that tent is pretty bland compared to Sonic, Arcadia, Genysys etc
  2. Are you talking about Jow95's trouser snake?
  3. Well stop ruining it then! Jeez. I hope I see you at the festival, I'll give you a back rub so you can CHILL THE FUCK OUT
  4. 'I'm' 'I'd' It was punctuation BTW
  5. What an aggressive goose you are. You'd fit in better at a bare knuckle fight in a pub car park than a magnificent festival such as Glaston
  6. Only once you issue a full and frank apology for your frankly loutish demeanour
  7. I've already answered it young man, suggest you RTFT Bore off yourself you hardly added anything of interest did you: behave yourself, you fool!
  8. Calm down son, you've only got 10 BTW it's 'geezer's'
  9. Are you aware that writing that is libelous?
  10. You know what, it wasn't hard to discern his position on Brexit at the time was it. A lifelong Eurosceptic voting pattern available for all to see with a few clicks of a mouse, a man who said after a long pause when asked that he was 7/10 against Brexit. How anyone could have thought this guy was going to try and stop Brexit is beyond me, 5 minutes of searching online would tell you everything about his position. And a load of other unpleasant shit about him too.
  11. Best thing you've said so far
  12. Couldn't agree more, I see the political spectrum like a horseshoe - there is the centre, and then left and right diverge, however if you go to extremes of either, they lead back to the same place - oppression, dictatorship, mass murder, starvation etc.
  13. Or global history about how far-left politics ends, of course
  14. It seems to me that maybe a new chant isn't wanted or even needed, as the consensus on the thread is that Corbyn may have had his day and failed to usher in the hope that we were all looking forward to & promised
  15. Or, if you don't believe in it, you characterise everyone who does believe in it as a thicko with a bad voice who hates other singers, and isn't entitled to sing as a result and should have their music taken away Do you see what I did there!
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