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  1. Oh dear. Only just seen this as I have been so busy preparing fudge and doing memory tests, but what a thoroughly unpleasant post. You are a nasty little person.
  2. It’s called ‘Glaston fest of perform arts’ how strange that you don’t know about it LOL!
  3. Look this is all very interesting and I’m learning a lot but the festival is now fast approaching and it’s time to start planning the fudge run. I’ll soon be starting a new thread and I’ll thank Mr Capitalist Forum Owner to not close it down and call it ‘drivel’ again. This summer I have given away 3.5kg of fudge to key workers (including at imposing staff, LOL) and it’s time to level up! thanks
  4. Aren't you calling out one prejudice whilst espousing your own one? Seems a little hypocritical perhaps. American justice system is an utter turd but that doesn't mean all cops are rotten or racists.
  5. Would you use exactly the same principle to condemn the NHS for recruiting medical staff from the developing world thus depriving poor countries of talent? How about the brain drain of freedom of movement that deprived the poorer EU states of the brightest and best people as they left to go to more affluent member states?
  6. Private doesn’t do critical care like how the NHS does and I’m sure there would have been outcry had he not used the NHS anyway
  7. This is a very underrated question. We would not morally want to put money ahead of lives or personal freedom but have to accept the reality that we do that every day in normal life and should view this situation the same in the cold light of day. For example we could ban all cars and motorcycles to save road deaths but don't because money and personal freedom. With CV, as there is presently no cure or vaccine, is any of what is happening now having any effect on the number of deaths? It's costing a lot of money and that will cause other deaths down the line anyway. See a post from another forum from someone who addresses this uncomfortable question: ----------------------------------------------------------- I think / hope the realisation is setting in that what's happening is sort of disaster relief gone mad.You know, when all stops are pulled out and a crazy amount of money is spent when, I dunno, a bunch of kids get stuck in a cave that half collapses (or whatever, just a crap example) and in the panic and crisis there's no limit to the number of helicopters and diggers and specialist engineers and whatever. It just happens. No expense spared. Nobody adds up the cost.Meanwhile, a kid just down the road doesn't get the cancer treatment they really need because NICE has deemed that drug just a little too expensive. So they die much earlier than would have been the case. Many multiples of the required money for the drug are being spent per person in the cave rescue, but somehow that money doesn't get spent for more superficially routine but every bit as deadly scenarios. If you were the parents of the cancer kid, it would be more than a little upsetting to see the stops being pulled out for someone else's kids while the system let yours die.It's all down to perception, momentum, the media circus, peer pressure, the sense that something must be done - all of which combines to mean rational and utilitarian calculations go out the window. Rationally, and in utilitarian terms, the resources aren't being spent correctly. You'd save more lives by limiting how much effort you put into the disaster rescue and spending the rest elsewhere. That isn't how life works. But god forbid anybody point this out while the kids are stuck in the cave. Instant social pariah status.This, for me, is what's essentially happening on a very grand scale now. Except the consequences are far more onerous. There's a mad panic over the immediate impact of the virus. Just like the kids in the cave, there's no doubting for those impacted, it's terrible. In the meantime, sight is lost of everything else. Corona deaths are worth more than other deaths, for now. Worth more than our way of life. Our broader well being.Eventually it will become really clear that the damage being done to fight corona is worse than corona itself. The danger, of course, is that it takes too long, that like the kid with cancer, the damage is irrevocable - for our generation at least. But as per the post I quoted, there's more and more realisation about the implications of the lockdown. Even within the health service that realisation is building. Hopefully the momentum will turn in the other direction. It had better.
  8. That's not what wooly means, if anything his estimate was highly precise yet likely innacurate
  9. That is a very wooly statement.
  10. Go on Coronavirus, piss off, sling yer hook ya cun
  11. Does every person at the festival use 1 litre of HS? I guess including the crew before / after it is possible but is seems a lot, also they frequently seem to run out too!
  12. I'm afraid that technology is still a few years off
  13. Am I the only person who saw this!
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