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  1. I don't think you saw this project at Rewire. He played at Rewire with Nicolas Jaar Group and also did a solo set, while this set with Patrick Higgins was debuted (and only appeared so far) at Le Guess Who?. (It was amazing at LGW? by the way.)
  2. If it drops tonight I'm buying everyone who's posting tonight a beer at the festival
  3. It's dropping on 20 January around 20:20. Seems obvious.
  4. Very uninspired. Tim Hecker is nice I suppose.
  5. Maybe on Sunday at the 'party on the beach' (i.e Bits) ?
  6. If Bad Bunny is playing then he will probably headline. I can see Caribou playing Ray-Ban..
  7. So they're definitely playing Primavera then?
  8. The sound at BRM was off as well. Couldn't hear the female vocals at all. Still enjoyed it, but to be honest that's probably because I was really stoned.
  9. That's wonderful news. Luckily not a free festival day however. The crowd on Wednesday this year in Parc del Forum was truly awful.
  10. Would Duster be considered a reunion? They're releasing a new record in December, hopefully we'll see them on the Adidas stage
  11. Fair enough. They might even be cheaper now than back in 2015 - as they probably won't be a festival exclusive, if they do end up playing.
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