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  1. Another great year. Didn’t know as many acts going into it as in previous years, but highlights for me were - Jessica Pratt - missed her a few years ago and love her albums. Mesmerising on the garden stage in the hot sun. TVAM - heard they were great at Green Man. Loved their sound, would see them again for sure. Angelo de Augustine - beautiful set on talking heads stage. Felt that venue really worked for him. Low - more apocalyptic than when I’ve seen them before...what about that 5 minute wall of sound?! Was like a jet taking off but in a good way. Bodega - much better live than I thought they would be, totally commanded the Woods stage. Spiritualized - stunning set, even without some of their better known tracks. Sam Evian and Hannah Cohen at piano stage / tipi - still think Americana just suits the place ... it’s in DNA of the festival. Kelly Lee Owens - right at the front for that. Even better than previous EOTR set. A triumph. Stella Donnelly - totally engaging, got a great reception. Pottery - wow, what a live act for kickstarting festival. Metronomy - did everything they could on a chilly Sunday night. Loved the way they all introduced themselves at beginning of set - made them instantly likeable. Only a few gripes - Chatterers - as others have said, most are middle aged men like me who seem disappointed that they are not watching The Fall or The Clash but are stuck watching Low or Mitski. Just move then, rather than banging on about how crap you think the act is. Some of the food - spectacular mark ups. Weirdly under - spiced and inauthentic. Bored by a lot of it now, but the vegetarian Mexican place was v v good. The comedy ‘Oi!’ band in tipi early on Sun morning...I get they are a comedy act but their sound really polluted the fields around them and when out of context was a bit intimidating...especially in our current political climate. Or maybe it’s just me. Altogether brilliant festival though ... Roll on next year!
  2. psbros


    its a band of rain, and shall pass! Or I’ll ask for my money back!
  3. Yesterday was fantastic - every act I saw was class. Bring on today! At least the Big Top has a solid set of bands for the 3 - 4 hour showers ...
  4. I’d love to pitch up to the surprise Big Top gig not knowing who’ll be on ... ... as long as they’re amazing and I haven’t seen them !
  5. Clashes everywhere....particularly now I’ve discovered TVAM and Mary Lattimore. Gonna try not to see 1/2 an act - never the same in my book.
  6. psbros


    Looks largely dry, and a bit chilly at night, unless you’re dancing in the woods of course. Classic EOTR weather. Bring it on.
  7. psbros


    As long as we get no heavy rain for long periods it’ll be great. Plan B is to change allegiance to some more Big Top and Tipi bands! Worse things have happened...
  8. Good shout - hope so
  9. psbros


    The weather is usually so good for this that we’ve all been spoilt! I’ll be happy as long as some sunshine for a few of the garden stage acts, no persistent deluges and no hypothermia, as almost happened a couple of years ago. Mind you, Perfume Genius in a deluge was ace.
  10. Re. chatter - I’ve sadly tried to set the bar lower this last few years, and not get too het up with a bit of chit chat but have still walked off somewhere else if it’s looking grim. Some people are just pissed, stoned, excited, seeing mates for first time all year, trying to impress someone, etc.. If I really love a band I try to see them away from any festival
  11. Agree - have seen some great bands as a result of a wander to Tipi and Big Top as didn’t like what was on offer there. Also, sometimes you need some food and to meet your mates etc! Still an awesome festival
  12. Just listening to Yves Tumor - another great act from the undercard ... as is Peach Pyramid.
  13. Cool line up when all said and done. Looks like more UK acts than before? Definitely less Americana and straight Indie. Not a huge deviation really. A couple of big headliners do give an air of expectation / buzz that may be missing. Ah well - the whole package is what I go for, and there will be a few bands who I hadn’t heard of who will be on constant rotation on my playlists by the summer!
  14. Great shout re. American Football. Their 3rd album will be out. They were stunning at Primavera a few years ago.
  15. Just got tickets. I’ve always found that there are almost too many acts I want to see, and sometimes just have to decide between stages depending on mood. It’ll be great whatever but hope we see some of - Erland Cooper Jon Hopkins Mitski Nils Frahm Dan Deacon No Age Boygenius Max Cooper Our Girl Pinegrove Damien Jurado Angelo de Augustine Pond Cloud Nothings
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