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  1. Great shout re. American Football. Their 3rd album will be out. They were stunning at Primavera a few years ago.
  2. Just got tickets. I’ve always found that there are almost too many acts I want to see, and sometimes just have to decide between stages depending on mood. It’ll be great whatever but hope we see some of - Erland Cooper Jon Hopkins Mitski Nils Frahm Dan Deacon No Age Boygenius Max Cooper Our Girl Pinegrove Damien Jurado Angelo de Augustine Pond Cloud Nothings
  3. Saw Tirzah at End of the Road ‘18. She was mesmerising - just right for PS.
  4. Well that, yet again, was awesome. Suffering from withdrawal. All a bit subjective but - The great - Vampire Weekend - all of it sounded so much better live and the set was so joyous. One of the best festival headline sets I’ve ever seen Julien Baker - saw her 3 years ago but she’s more powerful now. Sounded stunning on Garden Stage Tirzah - love the album, didn’t disappoint live The Weather Station - stellar albums and great to be right at the front for that Idles - now I know what all the fuss is about Titus Andronicus - not for everyone but I found it a breath of fresh air, and anyone who has seen power of the full band must know how vulnerable it would be to go solo like that. Also v dry, witty and self - deprecating The weather, the people (particularly the friendly crowd from London in the leggings we met in disco ship), Tom Ravenscroft set in Disco Ship sat night, the paella, the neon cacti in the gardens The good - A. Wesley Chung - best lunchtime act I’ve seen Tiny Ruins Amen Dunes St Vincent (when just came out to front at the end) White Denim - at the end we stood off to the left and the scene, as my brother commented, looked like ‘Guitar Hero - English Country Garden Stage’ The not so good - Occasional chatters - but not a massive problem this year for me. Shower queues - still too long. I’ve got things to do, people to see and table tennis to play in the mornings Some of the food - dunno, good for festival food but some is well overpriced. Got our cakes from Blandford market, 3 quid for a small brownie takes the piss More toddlers in crowd this year - I get that families must love this festival, and why should having kids stop you going, but they should not be sat down 20 rows back, in the dark, as crowd is building for a headliner. This goes for Big Top or Woods stage. Nearly trod on a couple of small wrists. Missing bands you knew were going to be great but being tired and preferring a wander (Snapped Ankles, This is the Kit) Thanks Summer, now bring on the Autumn!
  5. Looking at my clash finder I almost want an empty slot so I can grab some food ...
  6. psbros


    Ahh, lounging around on the grass between bands ... oh shit, the line-up is so good there’s no time for that! I love wandering around woods in the morning trying to shake off a hangover .. much better in decent weather
  7. psbros


    It’s gonna be fine according to Met office... ... for the whole thing! At very least it doesn’t look like any troublesome weather.
  8. Can’t see anything online about cancellation apart from a 2017 cancelled tour? One of my favourite new finds from looking at Spotify ..
  9. psbros


    It’s looking v v good, but all comments about the cold nights are bang on. The biggest contrast is if you leave secret set in Tipi at 2am then stand around getting a drunken snack somewhere .. baltic
  10. The Big Top has some cracking bands from the louder / faster end of the spectrum but has the worst sound. I’m thinking in particular of Japandroids last year, which sounded like my iPhone does with headphones when there is dust in the socket.
  11. TITUS!! A great booking. Jonathan Wilson, Lucy Dacus, Soccer Mommy all good IMO. Not sure about rest but suspect there’s a few gems in there as usual
  12. Oh and Pinegrove could be involved (Old friends, new friends) but maybe a bit cryptic!!
  13. Can’t wait for this announcement... there’s enough in the first wave to excite me, all it needs is 2 or 3 more decent acts (such as previous suggestions Nils Frahm, Titus Andronicus, Dirty Projectors) plus a couple of other late night acts in Big Top to dance to (Dan Deacon please) and it will be the best line - up I’ve seen for EOTR.
  14. For me, Phoebe Bridgers would be a great addition, as would U.S. Girls, Titus Andronicus and Mitski
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