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  1. Depends entirely on the driver's mood
  2. A motivated power walker can cut these times in half
  3. FatAmmy


    I would like to know this as well Little One was a treat there in 2017
  4. FatAmmy

    TBAs 2019

    Don't get my hopes up
  5. FatAmmy


    check out Palace
  6. FatAmmy

    2020 headliners

    That plane is still going to fly across the ocean whether one single Glastonbury attendee is on it or not
  7. FatAmmy

    day and stage

    She's also Better than Ezra
  8. FatAmmy

    National Rail

    Bumping this to ask how busy the queues get for the Castle Cary shuttle on wednesday? Just booked a train that gets there early afternoon Will I be waiting hours to get to the site?
  9. Women: We'd like to have a safe space, please Men: Actually that's sexist.
  10. The absolute hysterics when you tell a man he can't have something, even if it's something he doesn't actually want And then to hide behind the concept of "equality" If women want to have a safe space, who the hell are you to tell them No?
  11. FatAmmy

    Clash Finder thing

    Like, say, this one? https://clashfinder.com/s/egl2019
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