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  1. FatAmmy

    BBC Glastonbury

    Surprised to see my man back at it so soon after his little "Well ACTUALLY black people sold slaves too so when you think about it everyone is bad" stunt
  2. Hopefully someone steps up and records the "special guest" sets like Metallica tonight which presumably will not be downloadable outside a short window
  3. FatAmmy

    BBC Glastonbury

    I'm getting a "Something went wrong loading this program" with the live channel playing Laura Marling...
  4. FatAmmy

    Black Lives Matter

    It would have been incredibly easy for you to not put that out there, and yet...
  5. FatAmmy

    BBC Glastonbury

    Safe to assume this content won't be available for Americans without a VPN or w/e?
  6. FatAmmy

    Volunteering 2020

    Interested to learn more about some of the options - are there any barriers to Americans volunteering? What else is out there besides Oxfam?
  7. I hope they expand the wormhole significantly next year I didn't get in for one of the 12-2 sets until Sunday when I bolted over there as soon as the Cure ended and then waited in line for over an hour, despite trying all weekend
  8. OP must be absolutely shocked that stormzy didn't bring the knife crime
  9. It was around 1am. People were talking about a fire
  10. Seems like he played a show last night at Belsonic...any word on the setlist?
  11. I can't listen to the single on spotify because it's region-locked
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