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  1. aforest

    BBC Coverage 2022

    PSB - West end girls on now
  2. aforest

    BBC Coverage 2022

    If I was there I'd probably be at Bicep, looks class
  3. aforest

    BBC Coverage 2022

    Watched a bit of Courtney Barnett, then Bicep, both decent! back to Kendrick now based on comments on here
  4. Where is this Day Pro venue? My last day here and want to see Pretty Happy
  5. If they could tell you how many spaces were left in each A La Ciutat venue in real time, like a car park does, but in the app / online, now that would be useful
  6. I'm thinking there might be some clues in the last part of the email. "Can't do without you" - maybe Caribou to headline. "We aren't afraid to repeat ourselves" - Weekend 2 acts filling in on weekend 1, or acts playing multiple days.
  7. The shortcodes aren't working for me on Chrome, is there something I'm missing?
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