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    Queue watch

    They’ll open at 7 maybe?
  2. Just highlights why there’s no point obsessing about the weather. The forecasts are in constant flux. You might as well be trying to read tea leaves or something. In 2019 the forecast before the fest was the same as it is now.
  3. Madyaker


    Ooof it's looking good alright.
  4. I joined the WH group and I'm on the Discord though not very active.
  5. Then you join the queue and when you get to the top of the queue you'll get on a bus. The times become meaningless for Glastonbury, at least for the destinations that have lots of people going to them like London / Bristol etc.
  6. Wednesday and Thursday looking good at least, and the rest looks at the very worst to be slightly wet. I'll take it.
  7. It doesn't matter what bus you get on the way back. There will be a big queue for London and they will just keep filling busses as they arrive.
  8. I'm expecting £6.50 a pint which I can handle. Do we know what bars will be open Wednesday since there seems to be less on than usual?
  9. Ah yes the usual "anyone who doesn't agree with my opinion is a right winger / narrow minded". So you've never even been and you think you know what you're talking about from watching the BBC? How do you know what the makeup of the crowd is if you've never actually seen the crowd? The BBC only show about 15% of the festival. You've got a pretty ignorant attitude are very quick to insult others so I don't think you're personality would really fit the Glastonbury ethos. Maybe it's better for all of us if you continue to watch from the couch and dream up other non existent problems at events you have no experience of. Glasto is nice and chill where everyone has a live and let live attitude, might not be for you.
  10. Yeah but there's lots of space and it looks like this year there'll be even more space. I'm thinking on Thursday it might be better to go there instead of queueing for ages for Stonebridge or something else that's going to be completely overcrowded.
  11. The Stonebridge is basically a small tent with a bar in it. On Thursday all the big stages are still closed so the smaller stuff that is open tends to be pretty packed. It always feels like the most crowded day.
  12. I think you’re trying really hard to find problems that don’t exist. In what way do white people have priority over others at the festival? The organisers have diversified the lineup. Anyone who wants to go can try for tickets the only real barrier is financial. The festival gets wall to wall coverage in international media for nearly a full week they don’t need to “reach out” to anyone.
  13. Including ticket flights booze buses and everything it used to cost me a little over €1000 in 17 and 19. This year I'm expecting it to cost €1300+. Flights and buses etc are already more expensive. But that's ok.
  14. It's going to be a rowdy atmosphere this year with everybody looking to go buck wild after everything that's happened. I can't wait!
  15. Madyaker

    “Getting in”

    Sounds a lot like the first post you made in this thread. If it isn't a fake ticket and you aren't being scammed then id say you'll need the persons ID also. So no it probably won't be easy enough. They care about this stuff, if they didn't they wouldn't bother putting photos on tickets.
  16. Madyaker

    “Getting in”

    Just be careful about giving money to people who promise a "way in". You don't want to get scammed again and desperate people often make poor decisions. The odds of being scammed are much higher than the odds of actually getting in.
  17. Yeah, I don't know why, but I had a bad feeling about this weeks ago and switched to box office collection to avoid any hassle. I just hope the queue isn't too mental.
  18. They have said that if you're tickets haven't arrived 3 days before gates open you need to contact them and let them know. So I think any of you who haven't already requested box office collection need to do so and see what they say.
  19. It isn’t just a Glastonbury problem though is it? It’s a problem that extends across all of society and not just in the UK either. Expecting the festival to change before the environment it exists in changes is putting the horse before the cart imo. Anybody can try for tickets regardless of race or ethnic background so the only thing the festival can do is try to diversify the lineup which they have done / are doing. It’s up to people to change their own personal attitudes and that is happening but it’s a slow process.
  20. This is true. But it’s not en excuse for postmen signing for packages themselves when signed and tracked postage has been paid for. Totally defeats the purpose of it and it results in situations like this. This isn’t over yet for the OP and I hope he gets his ticket.
  21. No way is it the bumfords
  22. Absolute bastards leaving it this late.
  23. Can be long after midnight. I've queued for half an hour in the past, if it's longer I probably wouldn't bother.
  24. Your lovely local postie isn’t supposed to sign for things himself. The whole reason registered post exists is to ensure that the stuff gets to the right person. I’ve given my postman 2 bollockings over this. You shouldn’t let them get away with it. If he’d accidentally delivered them to the wrong address and just signed it himself you could be screwed.
  25. Ridiculous offer, nobody would go for that.
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