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  1. rex orange county is doing a live gig on instagram atm
  2. King Krule now rescheduled, dates on instagram (London in October)
  3. hamzo

    Glastonbury-on-Sea 2020

    Was it 50p’s the pinball machines took? I might have to save some up...
  4. Yeah, thought the same about Blossoms. I’m looking to book the Lola Young/Remi Wolf night and probably Arlo Parks night too, all female vocalists- quite dreamy pop/chill artists! Also agree with the above, The Big Moon especially will be a great show!
  5. Annie Mac’s AMP nights are back
  6. When I first went as a teenager, it was the freedom. Coming from a small village it was my first step into a magical, busy, buzzing world, and I loved it. That feeling has never really gone, it's been one of the only consistent things in my life for the past decade and I look forward to it more and more every year. As others have said, it's positive escapism; the people, the place, the music, the atmosphere, everything! My boyfriend is coming for the first time this year, I'm so excited to show him my home!
  7. hamzo

    anyone had any joy?

    Got in for friends at around 9:20, wasn’t even seeing the website until that point!
  8. Immediately thought of it as a Christmas present for my mum with the same thinking!
  9. hamzo

    Successful Coach Sale

    One friend got through out of 3 of us. She was on a work pc, on chrome, no auto-refresh. She literally sent us a screenshot of the booking confirmation screen at 18:02, very lucky! 5am from London. She just told the other two of us to stop being negative about it and she got straight through! -cannot promise positivity will work for all. Well done all with tickets, I'm trying again Sunday for friends now, fingers crossed!
  10. Someone on a work windows pc, chrome browser, no automation, got through immediately though.
  11. friend got in in two mins somehow - 5am London! Never been bought a ticket by someone else before, feels good! - she accidentally got singles, but I cannot complain
  12. We need a "the bus will wait here to even out the service" for some real jeopardy I kid, I kid
  13. hamzo

    2019 New Music

    New Bakar album out for those interested
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