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  1. Fair point on Download! Although not sure that ever had a chance with a June date....
  2. increasingly looking like boomtown is going to be the biggest fest (not counting Glasto months ago) to be cancelled? so gutting.
  3. Ah, interesting, cheers. Not too put off with everything being down in the bowl but a shame about Lions Den for some of the bigger slots. Shy FX opening the festival up to 20 thousand or however many it was in 2018 was pretty special.
  4. So, just to understand this, everything will be down in the bowl this year where Bang Hai and the forests etc are? What about Lions Den? Or is that just a stage rather than a 'district'? Re. some of the earlier comments about downsizing being a bad thing, I've only heard good things about the earlier years of Boomtown when it was pretty small, so I wouldn't have too many worries. I've only been once, in 2018, and did think the size and layout of all the districts was pretty on point though.
  5. Bought mine yesterday and got a few mates on it today. Looks like Monday was the news Boomtown needed and hopefully the ticket sales go along way for them to start planning properly and building a line up.
  6. They've restructured the payment plans so instead of two more months of £70 payments, it's 3 more of £46. You'd think they would want the money in as soon as possible.
  7. Yep, they have definitely started sowing the seed. Think the last week has shown we are still very much in the escalation phase of this and now the government are starting to suggest 6+ months of social restrictions. I'd be surprised if Boomtown isn't postponed by mid-April now.
  8. that is pretty positive news - at least after the 12-14 week 'peak' time. imagine it could sell out pretty quickly in June/July if there is a realisation it will probably go ahead.
  9. More importantly, how we looking for the next 24 hours? Sufficient drying time?
  10. I was more thinking post midnight in the SE corner when i realise I don't have any sort of drinks container on me. Also, how do you loop a water bottle through your belt?
  11. Can you literally not buy bottled water from anywhere on site? Just cans? It's a good thing to do but could be a shit show in these temperatures.
  12. Looking forward to Slowthai and Octavian.
  13. In 2016 I bought various substances off various 'randoms' and 80% of it was decent, for what it's worth. just got to have a bit of common sense in scoping the person out and then a low dose.
  14. 100%. Had a work call this morning and lost my train of thought about 5 times - sounded like a prat. Also fluffed my lines at the printer with a colleague i fancy.
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