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  1. oscs

    Lineup 2018

    Fair enough. Just trying to see how else they could have come to the conclusion that today's lineup was worth the wait.
  2. oscs

    Lineup 2018

    What about another (probably wrong) theory: These headliners were booked a couple of years ago. Kings of Leon released a new album, and they saw how their show at BST went down and sold and thought they could be a good booking. Equally Fall Out Boy, they saw the somewhat hype around their new album and thought it would be a good booking. And then Panic! had a sort of big anticipation surrounding their new stuff, more so alongside Fall Out Boy but still. Maybe at the time, Arctic Monkeys hadn't fully realised their future schedule and return, and maybe that was the best R&L could find. Then they saw the reactions to the new stuff and tours from Fall Out Boy, Kings of Leon and Panic!, but it was too late to change. They would keep hoping that there would be some way for Arctics or Foos to join the lineup, but if they said they'd already booked the headliners then it might have been too late. Equally with the new PR company, it would take time to settle in with that and maybe all the new availability of the big headliners passed them by.
  3. oscs

    Lineup 2018

    I reckon t'll be the announcement of the announcement of the announcement of the announcement of the announcement tomorrow announcing that the Arctic Monkeys will have an announcement of an announcement in which they'll announce they won't play Reading and Leeds and then the announcement of the announcement will be the day before the announcement
  4. I actually really like Imagine Dragons
  5. oscs

    Lineup 2018

    I suppose instead of two main stages, the traditional Reading rock and all guitar music could be focused where it normally is on the proper main stage, and then the new open air aspect of the Radio 1 tent could mean other genres are directed more towards there? So Reading is still a festival for all different genres, and there are two main stages to give each equal distribution, but it's almost like two festivals going on at the same time. If that makes sense.
  6. oscs

    Lineup 2018

    Where has the TRNSMT at 5 rumour come from?
  7. oscs

    Lineup 2018

    Thought that said The Beatles. That would certainly sell the weekend tickets.
  8. oscs

    2019 Headliners

  9. oscs

    Lineup 2018

  10. oscs

    Lineup 2018

    Total rubbish. Absolutely not. There is no way, no way on EARTH, that Reading would get that sort of line up....... .....because isn't that the Glasto 50th Anniversary lineup? Also, why no Super Hans secret set?
  11. oscs

    2017 festival

    The Wombats have just put up a post on Instagram asking who's going to RandL this weekend. They're not on the lineup.........yet?
  12. oscs

    2017 festival

    Late suggestion for secret set: Twin Atlantic? Then they go on to headline The Pit or something next year? Could get a couple of songs out between now and then
  13. oscs

    2017 festival

    On the day
  14. oscs

    The Downs Festival Bristol

    Potentially, bring in Bad Sounds as well to make it even more local
  15. oscs

    2017 festival

    What about Imagine Dragons?