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  1. Where's that from? Ah, the website? I had a look on there not long ago and didn't see anything then - oops
  2. Can someone just PM me when we get the full line-up
  3. It doesn't, no, just the second APE weekend clashes with my plans for a slightly extended Spanish holiday 😛
  4. On the other hand, I'm happy it doesn't completely clash with my Primavera holiday
  5. I think that drink selection is why I stuck to the water last year
  6. Nice, that's exactly what I was planning on taking
  7. On the topic of restricted items, it says 'professional cameras' aren't allowed. What are the odds of security saying no if I bring a compact-sized old SLR? Something that's clearly a lot smaller than modern pro equipment.
  8. Tickets on sale now, and mine's duly bought
  9. Ah, nice one, I was worried the early bird tickets for people who didn't attend this years festival would be more expensive
  10. You can get 20% off with a code if you're a new member though, as someone said earlier in this thread. That's what I did, thought the £52 was cheap enough
  11. I think "in 2020" are the keywords there, for people hoping for US gigs
  12. I am excited. I've also never been to Primavera, but there's a first for everything.
  13. By the way - can anyone tell me if security allows people to take cameras into the festival? The website says "professional photography" is strictly prohibited, but what if I want to bring a relatively compact old film camera (that might make me look like a pretentious hipster)? It's a lot smaller than an average DSLR.
  14. I'm beginning to feel like I'm the only person who hasn't won tickets or got free tickets anywhere
  15. I think that competition is over already. I entered it way back when and I think it said you could enter until May 1.
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