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  1. Tame Impala seems to be getting more and more boring tbh, wonderful production but the actual tracks aren't memorable at all
  2. Actually I was wrong, it was 13 years ago apparently. Way to make me feel old
  3. Oh that's the band with that song 10 years ago
  4. Yep, enough for me to go there for the first time this summer
  5. While that sounds about right as far as stereotypes go, I genuinely don't know anybody who's an actual fan of theirs
  6. + Deerhunter This is getting ridiculously good
  7. + Connan Mockasin, Baltahazar, Boogarins and First Breath After Coma Well I've heard of Mockasin but that's about all I can say about those names. Apart from the fact that the last ones are probably fans of Explosions in the Sky
  8. Following up on the last few posts, anybody know if are there storage lockers anywhere on the festival site for leaving valuables etc? And what the shower access is like for people who don't feel quite rich enough to pay for glamping?
  9. A bit out of left field, but there's Paredes de Coura in Portugal with New Order, The National, Spiritualized, Patti Smith, Father John Misty and Car Seat Headrest among others
  10. Never heard of it either, but that location looks amazing
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