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  1. Yellow ones all being new additions, I presume
  2. Personally I had to google her to find out who she even was, but then again I am hopelessly out of touch and was most excited about Pavement, Yo La Tengo and Dinosaur Jr out of today's names
  3. Having seen her live last year, I wouldn't say that it's much of a loss
  4. And now confirmed officially, postponed to 2021
  5. From The Guardian's latest Coronavirus updates
  6. lol, ok, I could have been more specific there. I meant me personally rather than Primavera. They'll be absolutely fine.
  7. Yeah, does seem inevitable sadly, in spite of my best attempts at staying optimistic. Also getting the feeling that trying to get refunds for everything booked will be a right hassle.
  8. Yeah, seen them 3 times in recent years - once at APE, once at BST, once at Paredes de Coura. Unfortunately I'm fairly sure that their set will be 90-95% the same as the last two I've already seen.
  9. Idk, I don't understand what you mean, and I could really give a fuck
  10. Where's that from? Ah, the website? I had a look on there not long ago and didn't see anything then - oops
  11. Can someone just PM me when we get the full line-up
  12. It doesn't, no, just the second APE weekend clashes with my plans for a slightly extended Spanish holiday ?
  13. On the other hand, I'm happy it doesn't completely clash with my Primavera holiday
  14. I think that drink selection is why I stuck to the water last year
  15. Nice, that's exactly what I was planning on taking
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