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  1. For me the Accessticket app sends me to Dice, but Dice doesn't show Primavera tickets to me for some reason
  2. If we're doing top 5s... mine for W1 is Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, The National, Pavement, Caribou and Mogwai
  3. Umm.. According to the app, Mogwai doing Cupra at 02.25 tonight
  4. As long as they don't find a way to f*ck up the bar credit...
  5. 300 for early birds, I think?
  6. For anybody who's added their favs to the Primavera Sound official app, it'll show them all in the chronological order now
  7. The quality of this actually raises another question for me - can you bring a camera in? I've had security in the UK threaten to confiscate even a tiny film SLR 😕
  8. I got the same email, I think it's more them confirming to you that they haven't completely forgotten about you rather than you having to do anything
  9. That's something I fear as well, an airbnb cancellation. At least it happened 10 months in advance though, and not 10 days or something silly like that. Even a 35min walk isn't that bad tbf.
  10. That would seem fittingly anticlimactic 😁 Everybody waiting for twice the artists but only getting twice the stages with the usual number of artists (ok, probably slightly larger number..)
  11. I've noticed some websites listing it as 9-12 June instead, but they seem to be guesses based on nothing in particular.
  12. tbf you might as well be reading tea leaves rather than taking the word of Matt Hancock on anything
  13. Yellow ones all being new additions, I presume
  14. Personally I had to google her to find out who she even was, but then again I am hopelessly out of touch and was most excited about Pavement, Yo La Tengo and Dinosaur Jr out of today's names
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