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  1. Migos is subbing, its because Stormzy's name isnt over two lines. There is a gap between Gerry and D block (Top 3 acts have their band font, not the festivals font)
  2. Ah I thought it was a new song. They have been working on new music though, and highly doubt they'd still be touring that album
  3. Sorry, meant an American show start of June. Rules them out of APE
  4. Probably Glasto. They have an American show start of June
  5. Annoyingly, I'd go to one day if a few acts from each of the day were on a lineup for one day
  6. Riding off of his bands success for 2 albums
  7. Yeah, hes gonna be bothered to write out all 90 names
  8. looks like you copied my post from a few pages back
  9. I think we've found a worse demographic than dark fruits twitter... I call it "lil twitter"
  10. So every headliner self confirmed prior to Reading actually releasing the line up? Embarrassing
  11. hoping this is the end of bucket hats and bum bags around the shoulder Edit: NVM forgot LG
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