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  1. I've never seen anyone use "TS" and "BC" before
  2. And 3 will pull out before the lineup
  3. How many lil's do we think are on the lineup tomorrow? I think 3. I'm hoping for 0
  4. I love Don Broco. He's absolutely ripped!
  5. Probably 430, also known as 9am tomorrow
  6. It didn't kill anything. Once it was full it was full, and if the band's decent it was good atmosphere
  7. So Biffy and RATM nailed along with LG. Has to be a rap headliner for the last, probably to co with LG or Biffy
  8. Cant remember but I think an artist did it early
  9. They knew it in advance last year.
  10. So they already know the lineup. And they created that fake RATM tweet too
  11. Barclaycard involved? Golden circle incoming
  12. Does that mean ticket prices are gonna be higher this year? To pay for Eminem again?
  13. So I guess theres two main stages this year
  14. Wasn't a few pages back where it was said BMTH turned down headline slot?
  15. While we are getting to 300 pages, has anyone got Friday 1975 tix they can swap for my saturday ones?
  16. Not sure. But it probably means a warm up show
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