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  1. https://www.seetickets.com/event/courteeners/olympia/1424106
  2. Stuielooie


    Foals played in a different/smaller room to Vampire weekend!
  3. Yep I assume so. Makes sense, as they are still touring next summer, have only played a couple of UK shows since releasing the new album. A big co-headline show to finish that album cycle.
  4. Stuielooie


    I called up HoV and they confirmed emails are rolling out slowly and they had a high demand on applicants. I should've suggested to just send a text string email rather than an image and upgraded their internet when I was on the phone
  5. Stuielooie


    I've seen two that have won. But hope this is the case
  6. Stuielooie


    at this rate only 4 people will be at House of Vans
  7. Stuielooie


    My mrs hasn't had one to 2/3 emails, and a friend hasn't had one on 5 of their emails... Same issue all over twitter.
  8. Stuielooie


    Theres a lot that still havent received emails
  9. Stuielooie


    Get down for doors but dont push your luck and turn up 5 mins before the band gets on the stage
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