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  1. ooof. Slade with Quo.
  2. MSW Lineup looking like Bhad Bhabie -> Rizzle Kicks -> Tool -> Doja Cat -> Rizzle Kicks again -> JLS
  3. 1. Self Esteem 2. Biffy 3. Sam Fender
  4. If you think down with the trumpets wouldn't go down incredibly well you're daft
  5. Was quite dangerously sick for a good few months there but got the all clear the other day. So I'm seeing Biffy Clyro on sunday and new order next week! 🙂
  6. two of them are in martha?
  7. True, there isn't Fall Out Boy or Biffy Clyro on there. my mistake
  8. Ah yeah he was sub to catfish i guess. still confuses me this 2 main stage business 😅 Sam and Dave would be great headliners. Definitely as big/relevant, if not more than catfish and disclosure were last year. Sam Fender / Dua RATM / Dave Killers / Paramore 🤔
  9. Going to new order at the o2 next week - first time standing there. Any tips on getting a good spot as I am a small woman who would like to see. Ta!
  10. If she were to play, or even tour anytime soon, it'd be a nightmare for her to choose a setlist. 2 new number one albums plus probably a few more #1 re-recordings by then!
  11. Hoping they give Sammy Fender the bump up next year to sub at least, the momentum's there and could be seen as an exciting new (cheap) headliner for them. Could be ideal before RATM 😄
  12. I won a ticket to see JLS live at Sheffield Arena last night. Little Aston did 3 backflips and they did a joke about their condoms 10/10
  13. Potential of a Glastonbury Weeknd with him suddenly cancelling his tour and that? probably not with the apparent stadium shows though
  14. Got a last minute biffy ticket resold for £30 for their small venue tour. buzzing - halloween show too! AND new order for next week at the millenium dome for £50!
  15. John Peel Tent & The Park Hot Chip 550 Jazz World / West Holts Chic ft. NiIe Rodgers 315 (+10) Justice 562
  16. I was in Sheffield visiting a uni friend and we were all joking like 'what if we meet alex turner or jarvis lol' and then we got off a train, walked to a pub near my friends accommodation and jarvis was literally stood outside the pub taking a photo of some art of himself on the side of it.
  17. Might start with B and end in lossoms 🤔
  18. sameimpala

    Big Red Machine

    I agree, seriously good stuff with some well picked collaborators on there too. Looking forward to the fleet foxes and taylor tracks, and this is the kit!
  19. Got a big bonus at work, and managed to get Lorde, Haim and Weeknd tickets!!!
  20. The Chemical Brothers 310 lggy & The Stooges 365 Bloc Party 86 The Prodigy 351 The FIaming Lips 51 Queens of the Stone Age 220 Portishead 250 LCD Soundsystem 356 (-5) Christine and the Queens 265 (+5)
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