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  1. Not a chance, don't think they'll be playing anywhere outside of South Africa again with all the allegations and incidents they've been involved in. Which is a bit of a godsend because they were dire the last twice I've seen em.
  2. I know they're in the uk early summer next year but what are the chances of Guns n Roses coming back to play if they're still in Europe at the end of August?
  3. You'll be fine there's enough of a mix for everyone to have a good time, and if by chance there's a few hours when you don't have anyone to watch then there's enough to do away from the stages, fairground rides, stalls and the odd lemonade to partake in ?
  4. You've done this for a bet haven't you just to see if you can get Leeds Live to use it on their website ?
  5. Seriously think they'd struggle to sell any day tickets if that was the case ?
  6. System were absolutely dire last time I saw them at download, they really wouldn't get a good crowd at Reading in my opinion and Die Antwoord aren't going to be booked at any festival until the shit surrounding them is sorted out ?
  7. Possibility??? https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.kerrang.com/amp/dave-grohl-teases-them-crooked-vultures-return
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