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  1. Father John Misty probably ruled out, looking at his tour dates he announced today it will be very hard to play PKP between his other dates in Portugal and Green man. Too bad, since I really wanted to see him.
  2. Great batch today. Quite a lot of personal favourites.
  3. Also the fact that thursday is a holiday and many people are free on friday as well...
  4. The two names already teased on their insta it is then for today I guess...
  5. On Studio Brussel this morning they mentioned that the first names (so plural) would be released today. But still, could be the same format as last year with 2 names a day. Hope not. If they have an old school lineup in terms of quality, I hope they also release the artists like they did in the past: 80 names at once.
  6. It's just one smaller band they share, not that uncommon... Seems pretty real to me, alle very plausible names.
  7. Nice line-up. We need some replacements for a lot of the bigger names on this list though, since they will play Werchter. Hopefully no Foo's. I'd rather spend the money on the undercard.
  8. John Fogerty as a 'classic' act? Announced some summer shows today...
  9. That, plus the fact that he can just announce additional dates for 'this' tour. I expect him to play some festivals in the USA and Europe.
  10. I just KNEW he was going to cancel. Good ridance!!!!!
  11. @Death By Sexy Weird thing is they were all gone just half an hour ago. No idea what that was about. Maybe some people that had to come work or whatever and they arrived at the wrong spot? Anyway, I'm completely hyped now! Having some pre-drinks with the group now. Have a good festival everyone! I'd come to the meeting too, but I wake up around 12 or something and never arrive before 2:30-3 pm.
  12. About 200 crazy people already waiting at the entrance of camping A. I really don't get why you would sleep there tonight just to have a good spot, but then again, I go home by bike so can't really relate .
  13. To say one last thing about Travis Scott: I actually like some of the beats he used on Astroworld. For me his problem is that he's mostly forgettable on his own songs, while his features really shine. Take for example 'Stop Trying To Be God'. The James Blake bridge, Kid Cudi's humming and Stevie Wonder playing the Harmonica are absolutely beautiful, but I just can't get over that stupid autotune voice. Anyway, really counting the days now until the party starts!
  14. Surely can't be long now for the last names to be announced?
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