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  1. Laurenkfj

    Boardmasters 2018

    I was more interested in queues to get in when it first opens really! Altho that won't be the same every year
  2. Laurenkfj

    Boardmasters 2018

    Does anyone know how busy is it to get in - I saw there were Wednesday and Thursday arrival tickets; which day is likely to be busier?
  3. Laurenkfj

    Fallow Year Support Thread

    Anyone for a breakfast cider?
  4. Laurenkfj

    *hypothetical* In two weeks time i'll be...

    Sob...hadn't realised we were so close already!
  5. Laurenkfj

    Boardmasters 2018

    Oh OK, intriguing - thank you
  6. Laurenkfj

    Boardmasters 2018

    Stage splits are out today on the website. Does anyone know how the different stages work - are all the headliners on at the same time? Or do the smaller stages finish earlier with just the main stage headliner on? Thanks
  7. Laurenkfj

    Jack White

    I really enjoyed it too, always surprised when I see people slate it! I was in a bit of a pickle myself though to be fair
  8. Laurenkfj

    Arcadia - London

    Yep all these for me as plus and negatives too! Never been searched to that extent before. Not sure it worked that well though as still saw some right states being dragged off by security at about 2pm! Had a great time.
  9. Laurenkfj

    new Arcadia show confirmed for 2019

    Ah what a shame - we didn't see anything in there, as we found it far too hot and a bit whiffy! Hadn't realised there were shows in there as well.
  10. Laurenkfj

    Arcadia - London

    Can;t wait for this! Weather looks amazing too
  11. Laurenkfj

    Craig David's Gargantuan Crowd

    It was in the afternoon, and it was still absolutely rammed - we were already there, but friends gave up trying to get into the dance village as it was so busy
  12. Laurenkfj

    Boardmasters 2018

    Fun lovin' crims - yippee!
  13. Laurenkfj

    Boardmaster 2018 - just for teens?

    We've just bought tickets - 3 in our mid 30s; 1 in his 40s - so you won't be alone!
  14. Laurenkfj

    Parklife 2018

    I am really keen on the line up of this this year - I have only heard bad things tho about atmosphere/organisation/clientele etc. Is it as stabby/chavvy as it's made out to be?
  15. Laurenkfj

    Boardmasters 2018

    Fab thanks - had been looking at VIP and wondering if it was worth it.