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  1. Laurenkfj

    Ticket Secrets!

    Yep I have to be hungover and in bed, otherwise I've jinxed it and wont get tickets!
  2. Has anyone been before? Is it one stage - i.e. would I be able to see everyone on the list I wanted to? Sorry just googled and found the answer everyone I would want to see is on the same stage so all good!
  3. Looks great, really simple but instantly recognisable! My bloke has a trash polka style upper sleeve with the Arcadia spider and lots of flags, looks great. I'm keen to get something with lots of the west holts flags in one day, maybe with a sunset
  4. Diplo cancelled for sophie Turner and Joe jonas wedding apparently. Santigold announced it, cant remember what she said though
  5. Laurenkfj

    Glasto hacks 2.0

    Another shout for the drops here!! Fantastic, and saved me loads of space not packing lucozade etc. Probably also helped with the heat too!
  6. Laurenkfj


    I didn't have a bad meal!! All good, very pleased. Goan fish curry, paella, coconut curry from manic organic, cajun chicken with blackened shrimp, great indian style halloumi and all sorts of others...yum!!
  7. A couple of times people warned me that the taps by the long drops weren't drinking water whilst I was filling up my bottle, which would possibly explain some of the longer queues at the water aid points. Glasto did start sending notifications out saying all taps were drinking water though, which probably helped in the end
  8. Plus at 6am he had probably over enjoyed himself the night before...!
  9. Brilliant! Fab as always and a discernible difference in set (I think...) from when I saw them a couple of times last year. There were a few annoying people in the crowd, we are quite laid back but my fella asked someone to quiet down a bit when they were having a really long and loud conversation about the best places to camp and "when you've been four or five times, you just figure it out" ? They didn't so we just moved a bit, crowd got better the longer through the set you got
  10. I thought it was a lot better than the last few years, visible difference at most stages. I think the lack of mud helps as well, if we had a few cans whilst watching a band we would put them on the floor and then pick them all up when leaving to put in the bin. We would still do something similar in muddy years, but if people are bevvied up then it is easier for them to leave mud covered cans on the floor than pick them up and bin them. Edit - not suggesting this is ok, just that people are more likely to do things if it's easy.
  11. I think you are less fucked than you were on the last update though! So that's good at least ?
  12. Yes, me! Every time, mine started today. I love it and I cant wait to be there, but I'm super nervous too. Less to worry about this year as we are not camping, but still finding plenty of things to wind myself up about!
  13. I think everyone was planning for apocalyptic rain storms rather than late 20s temperatures!! Get some foil blankets instead ?
  14. They are decathlon owned brand so you wouldnt find them anywhere else! There are other brands but I dont think they get the same rave reviews these do. I bought one last year and love it
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