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  1. Laurenkfj

    2019 Possibilities (Non Pyramid Headliner)

    He is there every year doing a dj set or two though isn't he? So not necessarily the streets related
  2. Laurenkfj

    New Quechua "Fresh & Black" Tents

    Oh great deal! You got me excited the others would be on sale though! We had a 3 man pop up for a festival and loved it, keen for a 5 man for "normal" camping with the dog
  3. Laurenkfj

    so, Stormzy then...?

    Me neither...I love a breakfast Dark Fruit as well ☹️ Edit: I love them for breakfast at a festival, not day to day...
  4. Laurenkfj

    Arcadia Spider absent 2019?

    I'm gutted about this...all for evolution but the spider is my favourite bit, the blasts when they test on the wed and Thurs gets me so excited for the weekend!
  5. 2007 was my first Glasto...couldnt face it again until 2011, I think I had blocked out how bad it was until I saw those pictures!
  6. Booked a motorhome
  7. Laurenkfj

    Roll up Roll up, who's in CV East?

    As well as this query (quoting myself ) it says you are allowed an awning - what about a gazebo if your camper does not have an awning?
  8. Laurenkfj

    Roll up Roll up, who's in CV East?

    What's the deal on fire pits/BBQ's in the camper fields? We have a small fire pit we use for BBQ's, is that allowed? It says no open fires but small BBQ's allowed on Glasto terms.
  9. Laurenkfj

    whos coming to west campervan field with me

    I will hopefully be there! Got the ticket just need a camper!
  10. Laurenkfj

    Campervan, Worthy View & Tipis Sale Date

    Ok thank you 😊 I was sure I had seen some huge setups on the walk past previously!
  11. Laurenkfj

    Campervan, Worthy View & Tipis Sale Date

    I've read on here that you can put up a tent next to your van, is that right? As it says in Glasto website this is a fire hazard, and you can only do this behind the van?
  12. Laurenkfj

    Arcadia - London

    Ooof great!
  13. Laurenkfj

    Idiot guide for ticket day

    Me too, but it still let us get to payment screen - we were really lucky in that we got back in immediately and got tickets. If we hadn't, I would've been livid with the guy that messed it up!!
  14. Laurenkfj

    Queueing Experiences 2017

    Worst one ever for us, arrived around 7.30am, was around a 4-5 hour queue in the baking heat - it felt like we were cattle being herded through a never ending queue - every time you turned a corner and thought you were at the front, there was another queue in front of you. We were really prepared for the heat and still found it awful, there were people being pulled out and having panic attacks all around us
  15. Laurenkfj

    Gap Year(s)

    DJ Shadow was immense - I almost felt like I was going to vomit from the bass (in a good way...)