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  1. Was Metallica that late?? Definitely the winner then.
  2. What’s the biggest full line up surprise to date? I know there’s been a couple but I can’t remember.
  3. I think you should join that sleazy bowls club 😁
  4. Junglist1981


    It hasn’t been an issue yet tbh and it’s definitely not worth even a slightly heated debate, but it basically comes down to either absolutely everyone being able to read this thread or some people feeling like they have to exclude themselves from it. Politely asking for any spoilery photos to go in a separate thread isn’t too much bother I’d say.
  5. Junglist1981


    Sure. Or… Maybe people who want to post site pictures that aren’t from the webcam could do it in another thread that isn’t the webcam thread where we talk about the webcam 😁
  6. This is what I’m looking forward to! My old man is having an absolute whale of a time in his retirement, bought himself a camper van and is constantly off somewhere exploring and meeting new people. He’s doing it right, well proud of him.
  7. Junglist1981


    Maybe a separate thread for photos with spoilers would be nice. Then people who want to look at the webcam but don’t want spoilers can still have their fun. Starting a separate thread for no spoilers webcam chat doesn’t seem right.
  8. One thing that hasn’t been mentioned, there’s now a proper co-op on site with all sorts in it. Might be worth sticking your head in there for some quality snacks at least. They definitely have lots of fruit 👍
  9. When I got into my 40s I realised how wrong I was to ever think I was old in my 30s. No doubt when I get to my 50s it’ll be the same with my 40s. And so on. Dunno what the moral of that is tbh. You’re only ever as old as you feel maybe? Basically I’ve completely stopped worrying about it now. A DJ I follow on Instagram was moaning about how old they felt on their mid 20somethingth birthday the other day. I definitely made this actual face ->🙄
  10. I am displeased at having to tick 41-50.
  11. I’m that partner! It’s almost like I’m her festival support vehicle. She’s lucky I like her so much tbh
  12. This post wins the thread. I’m definitely getting one, does anyone have any recommendations?
  13. Even as a rampant bag wearer I have to agree with this tbh
  14. The evolution of the festival between about 2007 and 2014 is mad really.
  15. Messenger bags are handy because they’re very easy to swing from back to front in crowded spaces, and also easy to get into without taking them off.
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