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  1. Mattyb12

    Albums of the Year 2018

    Blocks and Escher - something blue IDLES
  2. Mattyb12

    Are Tories welcome at Glastonbury

    Rees mogg for Pm
  3. Mattyb12

    Prediction for first announcement

    Stormzy has a Eavis beard right now, so it's going to be him.
  4. Mattyb12

    2018 New Music

    Not going to deny or confirm, but the last single was bad. I apologise.
  5. Mattyb12

    2018 New Music

    The top kiddy singer? No, he is far too cool.
  6. Mattyb12

    2018 New Music

    The dj koze album is class
  7. Mattyb12

    2018 New Music

  8. Mattyb12

    2018 New Music

    Not sure how I missed this one last year, but love it. Apologies if it's already been added. Album out soon
  9. Mattyb12

    Album of the Year 2017

    1 Kendrick lamar - damn 2 lcd soundsystem - American dream 3 slowdive - slowdive
  10. Mattyb12

    2017 New Music Thread

    Aether's new ep is a thing of beauty
  11. Mattyb12

    2017 New Music Thread

    Vince staples album rocks
  12. Mattyb12

    "Really big secret"

    What about Rage against the Machine? Zack de la Rocha has been performing with run the jewels on their recent tour, so he may be performing at Glasto with them - then he could possibly cross over to the other stage for the TBA spot a little while after.
  13. Mattyb12

    "Really big secret"

    It'll be Robbie williams
  14. Mattyb12

    House Music

    Quite liking the new album from We Draw A - Ghosts.