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  1. hughes21

    Nick Cave

    First time seeing Nick, was sublime, goosebumps every song, already looking forward to seeing him again!
  2. hughes21

    Nick Cave

    I have a spare ticket for tonights show in Leicester if anyone wants it, was a SFF ticket so no cost other than the booking fee I paid. PM if interested
  3. Joe from IDLES is doing a DJ set in Birmingham Friday night so it would be unlikely that day if they do pop up. Pretty much no acts seem to be playing both at latitude and tramlines, but means there is a fair few gigging that weekend so fingers crossed a few show up!
  4. bit strange to only sell tickets for one day tomorrow
  5. hughes21

    2020 headliners

    i like them but i dont think they are headliners
  6. hughes21

    2020 headliners

    my mate met yannis from foals in a pub about 3 weeks ago somewhere in london, albeit pissed up and he said they were headlining next year, dont know if i believe it but he definitely said it
  7. i have only got through twice in about 8 years now, gutting, not looking forward to sunday
  8. easy life are self confirmed in this interview; https://www.playlistsoftheyear.com/blog-content/sxsw-easy-life-interview
  9. just been listening today, managed to bag a ticket to see her sunday in nottingham, nice one guys
  10. Julio Iglesias is playing in london on 26th june, what a booking he would be
  11. i have seen the killers twice the last being in 2009 and they were good both times, but not a good choice for 2019
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