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  1. I like the wordplay, not the content... 😉
  2. I agree with DDave, I’m sure you’ll have a great time. Festival is really laid back and people are generally super friendly. Feel free to ask away if there’s anything you want to know. edit: what festivals did you attend in the UK?
  3. That's really hard to say at this point. PS is a week before Best Kept Secret, so I expect they will share more acts with BKS than DTRH. After the next lineup drop of BKS, we could make a slightly more educated guess. Also, RW will probably start announcing a lot more names from next week, that'll also be a good indicator.
  4. Moreover, the TJAMC set IS mentioned to be a 'play Darklands' set.
  5. Sounds too big/expensive a lineup for NPS right? I think (and hope, no offence) they'll lose one of these to Best Kept Secret. Would be The Strokes, since Lana, Beck and Tyler are ruled out for BKS. Moreover, they seem like a late addition to PS BCN.
  6. I think most will be celebrating if you're wrong about this one...
  7. Haha, fair enough. Campsite is open from 12 at noon on Thursday until 2PM on Monday. Shuttle service definitely runs between these hours, website says approximately every 20 minutes. https://downtherabbithole.nl/english
  8. Awesome, you'll have a ball I'm sure. That weekend I'm at Werchter or DTRH, not decided yet. If the latter, let's meet for a beer!
  9. God, I almost forgot. Didn’t they also sell their IPA at the regular bars?
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