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  1. Thought these looked good so found some on eBay. Half the price but feedback is still really good for them: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/UK-High-Quality-New-Orthotic-Arch-Support-Massaging-Gel-Silicon-Insoles-/200910190486?var=&hash=item2ec72e3796:m:m24v4QsUPCULjIHbVKnRuVw Several days in wellies (hope not! ) can make life really hard so these seem a good idea
  2. Thanks for that guys, will give these a go and let you know how I get on. Like the look of the Temptation, bit of a marathon at 9 mins mind!
  3. Now it looks like time to accept it'll be Adele rather than Radiohead on the Saturday night I'm free and know the guys I'm with will be at New Order. Beyond Blue Monday I have basically no idea so could someone please suggest maybe 10ish songs to try? Ideally ones they might play at Glasto! Cheers
  4. Really hope that's good info. Be a great alternative to Muse (probably) on Friday. At Leeds last summer he stole the show from the Libertines, one of my favourite bands and the reason we originally bought a ticket.
  5. Strange year for me as probably the best Leeds I've ever been to in terms of music. QOTSA, AM, Jake Bugg, Macklemore, Courteeners, Drenge and Royal Blood all great and Bill Bailey was hilarious too. On the other hand, the worst I've ever seen in terms of crowds and behaviour. I might be getting a bit old for it at 26, but it seems like every year there are less people concerned by the bands and more just there for a weekend on the booze or drugs and to act in a way they could never get away with in normal society. I'm disgusted by lots of what I've read above but not completely surprised. Time to try another brand of festival for me.
  6. The 1975 were named worst band (whatever that means) at the NME awards this week which surely means they can't headline that stage so must be on the main stage.
  7. Going back to the subs/3rd discussion, is there any reason Bombay Bicycle Club have been ruled out? New album, touring and lots of play time on radio 1.
  8. MCR, Bloc Party, Lost Prophets and Guns N Roses.
  9. This is a truly disgraceful effort from See. They often leave it a bit late and get people on the edge of their seats, but when people are paying £200 a ticket this is not right. Ticketmaster for me next year!
  10. The story has now re-appeared without correction.
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