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  1. I think you’ve misspelt courteeners
  2. Blows my mind to see some people in here think the Strokes aren’t just outright headliners
  3. And now we hunt on Instagram for that one band member who accidentally thought they could post the poster now
  4. RTJ subbed Bring Me at APE last year, didn’t go down great but see no reason why they couldn’t sub rage at Reading especially with RTJ4 coming out soon
  5. Dan can tell you if Sam Fender is on the line up but no one has a clue if he’s actually gonna be playing
  6. Remember years ago bring me saying in an interview next time they play R&L it’s headline or nothing (specifically saying they don’t want to co-headline) - obviously things could change but if that’s their opinion on it, can’t see them being there this year
  7. Also the name of a Rage song Edit: sorry just seen someone else said it too
  8. Third and final, no co headline then?
  9. It would make sense for those US radio tweets to be Rage playing as many shows as possible in the US as their whole reason for reuniting was for this election season
  10. Think you’re thinking of Bill Cosby
  11. Or maybe they’ve raised the ticket prices and this is a way to soften the blow for some people?
  12. RATM / Skepta / RTJ / IDLES / Denzel Curry / Yonaka / Grandson / Everyone You Know
  13. That’s exactly what I was going for Was more I don’t want to get into where I live than it actually being that irrelevant!
  14. Sorry mate, don’t think it’s relevant to the thread!
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