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  1. zak14


    I spoke to Joba last month about Glasto and he said going to the festival one day was on his bucket list (the vibe seemed to be they hadn't been approached when we spoke), will be a highlight for sure if it happens!
  2. Rex Orange County Childish Gambino Harry Styles Tame Impala Post Malone Michael Buble Anderson Paak Brockhampton DMX SZA
  3. zak14

    2019 Headliners

    Going back to the topic of artists at their creative and commercial peak, although he's more likely an other headliner or pyramid sub, I'd definitely put forward Childish Gambino
  4. zak14

    2019 TICKET CHAT

    I think from a technical stand point it might be more work for the servers to keep authenticating registration numbers to each given device and browser (not entirely sure how it would work entirely, just assumptions)
  5. zak14

    Lineup 2018

    Peace are on Introducing at 2pm
  6. zak14

    Festival Survey - Dissertation

    Thank you to everyone that has taken the survey, the info is really helpful! If you have any other feedback or questions please let me know.
  7. zak14

    Festival Survey - Dissertation

    Oops sorry - I probably should’ve gone more specific as over 50% of the participants chose that option!
  8. zak14

    Festival Survey - Dissertation

    The idea is to have a coach service with festivals at the focus so trolleys would be allowed! Getting your wristband on the coach to void the queues and security is a really great idea, i’ll probably try to incorporate this into the business plan somehow
  9. zak14

    Festival Survey - Dissertation

    @Gnomicide Thank you for taking the time out, it really means a lot! So the idea is to have a coach service that is exclusively for the purpose of making the trip to a European Festival much simpler and friendly for UK festival goers. Obviously there will be restrictions to some extent but the aim is to offer the space for everything you’d want/need to take to a typical festival - looking back this probably could’ve been phrased better to include that but hope this answers your question!
  10. zak14

    Festival Survey - Dissertation

    Very sorry if this isn’t allowed, but if you have a spare two minutes to help fill out my survey, I just know this community can give me some really valuable insight when it comes to festivals https://goo.gl/forms/2thFmowJPYSgwAXp2 Thank you
  11. zak14

    Lineup 2018

    I saw the lafontaines in the 1xtra tent last year and although it was pretty empty, as you’d expect on a Sunday morning first thing, the crowd were definitely enjoying it - I think at that time in the day it didn’t make much difference what tent they were in That said, I saw a band called the riptide movement one year in the dance tent, first thing one day, just out of curiosity, and although they’re not what you’d expect in the dance tent everyone was loving it!
  12. zak14

    Lineup 2018

    Dune Rats in the pit would be great
  13. zak14

    Lineup 2018

    Apart from Fall Out Boy being a super weak headliner i don't mind the line up, the next announcement should definitely fill out with a couple heavier acts like Broco and The Wonder Years. I think this announcement was more geared towards capitalising on the lack of V fest this year.
  14. zak14

    Lineup 2018

    I wonder when the last time none of the headliners were from the UK?
  15. zak14

    Lineup 2018

    I wouldn't call it moving down from subbing a coheadline, it's more of a sideways step to NME headline from there