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    2019 Earlybirds

    Online now http://www.ticketline.co.uk/order/tickets/step/tickets/13336785/kendal-calling-2019-12-month-payment-plan-cumbria-lowther-deer-park-2019-07-26-09-00-00
  2. Nelson23

    2019 Earlybirds

    I’ve got some despite saying this is my last. Got the Live In Vehivle pass too so if I decide I’m not going, I should be fine to sell them as a set.
  3. Nelson23

    2019 Earlybirds

    Not my work sadly. Seen it on Twitter this morning. Thought it may be useful to some who never get Live in Vehicle passes.
  4. Nelson23

    Line up now finished?

    I’m going for Cast. They have a slot hat weekend free.
  5. Nelson23

    Line up now finished?

    I messaged them a few weeks ago about a couple of things & asked them about the lineup. They said they still had Thursday night lineup to come & a few surprises. Make of that what you will.
  6. Nelson23

    Yam Riot

    Has anyone heard anything more about this new stage ? Location or whether it’s outdoor or a tent ?
  7. Nelson23

    Yam Riot

    Seems that way. When they say “New for 2018”, they’re referring to the name & the tent offerings rather than a new area.
  8. Nelson23

    What are you looking forward to the most ?

    My 11th kendal but my first in a Motorhome so I’m mainly looking forward to doing it in comfort. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been predominantly in Deer Lodge but no lugging a tonne of alcohol around the site pleases me no end. I’ll also enjoy seeing a lot of the bands I’ve seen many times before. The new stage, new bands, meeting new friends & generally being off my face for 4 days away from the world. For all I’ve whinged about this lineup, it’s often the bands I’ve never heard of that have delivered the most enjoyment. There’s something nice about wandering around, sticking your head into Riot Jazz & end up staying for an hour ! The weather helps but it’s not a deal breaker although it doesn’t help with toilets/showers etc which end up lifting. Overall, I’m going with a positive attitude. It’s likely to be my last Kendal calling as I really don’t feel like it’s got something fresh, new or innovative to show me anymore but it doesn’t mean it won’t be a great weekend. Lets be honest too, all those missing out. Imagine the weather is great & you’re sat in your garden over Kendal Weekend thinking about what you would have been doing ???
  9. I heard they had just over 24k in last year from a mate who worked in security. Not sure of anything official.
  10. You only need to go back 10 years looking through the lineup posters they’ve released to see how thin this 2nd release looks. Certainly the most underwhelming I’ve seen in over 5 years but price is a lot higher. On top of that, no real changes in the direction of the lineup either. The same bands appearing every 2-3 years & what is it with DNB always on in the Glow Tent ? When are we going to see some decent techno ?
  11. Such a shame, I really thought this year was the year Kendal Calling kicked on. They can’t say the quality wasn’t out there to bring into the fields & the more well known acts they have brought in have been seen many times before by the regulars. After attending for over 10 years, I think this will be my last. I will look forward to this years still - lots of new stuff to immerse myself in & a new stage to replace the Jaegerhaus which won’t be there. Now the value for money element has gone, they best be shit hot with provisions for rain/mud should be have the usual Cumbrian weather. Any issues on that front & they’ll have another Y Not style mutiny on their hands.
  12. Nelson23

    What's everyone think then?

    I honestly don’t think the lineup is too bad to be honest. It’s just the lack of imagination I have a problem with. Having done Kendal loads (now into double figures), I’ve seen most of these before, many times. Like thurlow84 has said, there’s plenty going on around the site to keep it entertaining & if the sun gets out, there’s fewer festivals out there to touch Kendal. No doubt I’ll still buy early birds next month for 2019 but if it turns out to be the same old same old again, I think I will get rid of them next time. It’s just the habit I don’t want to break this year.
  13. Nelson23

    Lesser known band suggestions

    Seen Tom Grennan & Yonaka recently who were decent.
  14. Y Not have announced Razorlight, Black Rebel MC & The Wombats tonight. Think they could be linked with our next release ?
  15. Nelson23

    What's everyone think then?

    I’m not in any doubt that it’ll be a great festival. There’s plenty there in the first release to spend time at & with further release(s) to come, I hope it thickens the content. My only gripe is the fact that we keep seeing the same artists return every 2/3 years & after coming for 10 years, it’s expensive when all you’re going to see is the lesser known bands that you can see elsewhere at much cheaper festivals.
  16. Nelson23

    See you in the hills ?

    Agreed. Sound was awful off centre at main stage. The weather won’t have helped I guess but I’m hoping we won’t have those problems this year. Will give EF a go next year. Stuck with KC, TRNSMT & Leeds this year now.
  17. Nelson23

    So here's the problem....

    I feel the same. KC is my favourite or has been for many years. Honestly thought we’d see a bigger name headlining this years festival, especially having seen the growth in 2016 & 2017. I’ll be buying early birds if they go on sale still as I can guarantee a live in vehicle pass. As others have said, if I don’t like the lineup, I can easily sell on the condition that I won’t split my tickets.
  18. Courteeners do attract a questionable crowd. Maybe they’re to be announced once the festival is sold out ? That way, we avoid the piss in pint glass throwing brigade !
  19. Nelson23

    Wens the next announcement coz the 1st ones shite

    Wolf Woods is vile. Even at that age, I used to bunk school & go to Fantasia/Galactica raves & don’t think Wolf Woods would have appealed to me back then ! Kids, hangovers & sober kids with no tolerance for drunk, nobhead other kids = this.
  20. Nelson23

    Run DMC as Saturday headliner

    To be fair, when you see the release poster, the only act highlighted as a headliner is the Hacienda Classical. I’m not saying Catfish, Run DMC or The Libs aren’t headlining but it’s by no means a gimme. FWIW, I think Catfish & The Bottlemen are a great shout. Seen them a few times live & have never been disappointed. The Libertines, seen a few times & they’re a bit up & down but think they’ll struggle to get the crowd going on a Sunday night if the weather is shite. Run DMC, I do not see headlining on Saturday night, I think Kendal Calling may have another act lined up & as many have pointed out, the whole festival is crying out for some female acts/bands. This is just the first release, plenty more to come with some musical diversity (finger crossed) due surely !
  21. Courteeners for the ”yoof” ! Maybe Craig david, Dizzee rascal etc are possible. The younger crowd just want to jump around like lunatics more than something particularly current. Craig Charles could do that, Example etc.
  22. Nelson23

    What's everyone think then?

    I’m happy enough but Kendal is seriously starting to lack imagination with who they’re booking. I’ve seen most of who is on & whilst I will no doubt get drunk & enjoy the festival as a whole, it could be the last year for me & this will be my 10th in a row. Part of the attraction of festivals is to see you’re favourite bands & check out something new. In terms of new bands, Callin Out stage is becoming a nightmare to get into after 7pm, Tim Peaks most of the time so you’re left with Chai, Woodlands & Riot Jazz. Glow Tent, impossible when someone decent is on too. Then is stops becoming great value & is just an expensive festival filled with some great unknown bands. I can get that at Lindisfarne & be closer to home & pay less than half the price. They have over egged the line up & it will be great but can’t help feeling disappointed with the serious lack of imagination.
  23. Nelson23

    Hands Up If You Hate The Hotpots

    Not my cup of tea but you can see why they get regularly booked when you see the crowd they generate for that time of day. Plenty other things to do on site when they’re on so they don’t affect me in any way.
  24. Nelson23

    Line up prediction game 2018

    Quick flight over for close out Sunday ? I’ll have a stab at - 1. Shed Seven 2. The Cult 3. Cast 4. Fratelis 5. The Cribs 6. Catfish & the Bottlemen 7. Liam Gallagher 8. Run DMC 9. Courteeners 10. Simple Minds 11. The View 12. The Libertines 13. Snow Patrol 14. The Wombats 15. Chemical Brothers 16. Wolf Alice 17. James 18. George Ezra 19. The Levellers 20. Blossoms Think it could be a strong year for Kendal. There seems to be some changes across the site which may be to increase capacity ? No Glasto but bands out promoting new material or out touring anyway so fingers crossed !
  25. Nelson23

    Deer Lodge parking

    Seems a good sign that they’re pushing the capacity up again for this year.