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  1. Nelson23

    Kendal Calling NYE

    I don’t understand why they’ve put the Kendal Calling name to a NYE party in Manchester ??
  2. Nelson23


    I like James but they really should reconsider their festival set. A lot of people there will know half a dozen of their songs & they’d walk away muchbhappier if they did all that with a good mixture of their other stuff. I often see new stuff at festivals then come home & book tickets to their next gig near mine. Stand alone James gigs are the place to promote their new stuff in my opinion. I think they’ll lose some interest from many if they keep this up. Their fanbase however is really partisan so they’ll always do fine, I just don’t think they do themselves any favours with those on the fence or the other side.
  3. Nelson23


    Despite my reservations of the lineup, I really enjoyed it too. Calling Outs increased capacity was much needed & welcome and I also liked what they’re setting up around the Valley of the Beats. I was disappointed in them closing the Carvetti Stage early - previously, they’d have stuff on until 3am & this weekend is was all shut down around 9pm. Other than that, there wasn’t much else to complain about.
  4. Nelson23

    Saturday night headliners. What’s everyone doing?

    I can vouch for Horseman too, great live act. I’ll try to get to see them before heading over to see Richy Ahmed.
  5. Nelson23

    Stage splits / times

    Has this actually been confirmed ? I’ve asked them numerous times with no response.
  6. Nelson23

    Line up prediction game 2018

    I seen him up at TRNSMT & at the end of May in Newcastle. No denying he’s great entertainment but his profile is going through the roof now & I’m doubting KC have any desire to improve the current lineup any further, especially as it’s been sold out for months.
  7. Nelson23

    Line up prediction game 2018

    A few additions to the Calling Out stage tonight.
  8. Nelson23

    Line up now finished?

    It would be a shame to see him on before the Hacienda Classical though if they got him. I’ve seen both & CC brings loads of energy to the crowd & the Hacienda Classical is more of a chilled vibe for me. Be a bit of a know anticlimax when it’s possibe to appreciate HC for what it is. They told me they still had the Thursday lineup to announce and a surprise or 2 but they’re cutting it fine now. Maybe the surprise was the new VIP camping area ?
  9. I don’t think it is & now they’ve 2 options of VIP camping, that’s even more money they’re bringing in. Deer Lodge always does well so a lot of people there will have spent £200 for the weekend. Move no real issue with the acts, I’ll enjoy them all but they’ve all had better times & some smaller festivals have similar lineups. Glow Tent needs much more dance variety. Personally, I’m not interested in the more DnB nature of the recent years headliners. There’s lots of great DJ’s out there that must be available. I’d also like to see the Glow Tent double in size too. Main Stage I’d like to see something different in terms of current bands. The growth I’ve witnessed at KC over the past 10 years has come from the younger crowd so something current that guarantees an electric atmosphere would be great. A Chemical Brothers or Prodigy should be well within reach. I’d also like to see them develop a sound Sunday afternoon slot of a former great, similar to Glastonbury. Very few places could match a Main Stage scene as well as Kendal in a sunny Sunday afternoon. They have done this for a bit without making it to be an actual thing although it doesn’t look like they have this year. Calling Out This also needs to be much bigger. I’ve no issues with the lineups in recent years but this years seems thin. The headliners recently should have been playing to a much bigger crowds but you cannot get a sniff of getting anywhere near at times & when you’re teetering in the outside, the noise is often drowned out by the booming Strongbow area. Lake Area Why not have access to this again with a smallish capacity ? Acoustic sets or maybe a DJ set by Craig Charles, nice bar & mood lighting. Make it an upgradeable VIP area if need be with nice seating, toilets etc & cover those costs. Cinema Tent Why ? Sorry to anyone that likes this area but I just don’t get it ? Make this area bigger now you don’t have the Jaegerhaus & put an outdoor Stage there covering newer unground music popular with kids. UK hip hop, Makina, whatever. These unsigned artists have huge social media followings at times & they’d also help sell tickets quicker as they’d bring new people to the festival. Soapbox A little too small but no issue with the lineups ever. Honestly, comedy clubs are popping up all over the UK right now & people are seeing decent name comedians at their local social club now so when they see them at KC, this stages popularity will go up. Former Bulmers Stage I think this is also a bit of a miss. Just a fun area with a lot of audience participation. It always seemed to pick you up when your battery levels were low. Not sure this has been adequately replaced. Food & Drinks No issues with the vendors apart from a few but why not create a couple of food court areas in the festival with lots of seating/tables for people to chill out in ? I’m guessing a lot of people go back & forth to their digs to sit & chill, taking potential revenue out of the Arena area. Sure the cost of this could be covered by the vendors on the premise of seeing increased business ? That’s what I’d do to make it perfect. Obviously they’ve got to have the budget to do it but all seem to be within reach for me.
  10. I’d say be a bit original with the acts you’re bringing in. Kendal has a LOT or repeats attendees & the repetitiveness nature of the lineups will deter them imin the future. They need to remember that there is also so much competition out there on a smaller scale with lower prices with similar lineups. Finally, I also think we should push for big headliners, why not ? If the KC team think they’ll pass us off with bands playing their former glory hits in front of a loyal public every year, that’s what we’ll get. We won’t see improvements unless we ask for it.
  11. Nelson23

    Where’s old school rave / techno / dance music?

    Agreed, it’s been like that for a good while now. Very jungle/DnB/EDM in terms of the headliners. Having said that, it is always rammed of a night time so it seems to be popular.
  12. Nelson23

    2019 Earlybirds

    I’ve got some despite saying this is my last. Got the Live In Vehivle pass too so if I decide I’m not going, I should be fine to sell them as a set.
  13. Nelson23

    2019 Earlybirds

    Not my work sadly. Seen it on Twitter this morning. Thought it may be useful to some who never get Live in Vehicle passes.
  14. Nelson23

    2019 Earlybirds

    Online now http://www.ticketline.co.uk/order/tickets/step/tickets/13336785/kendal-calling-2019-12-month-payment-plan-cumbria-lowther-deer-park-2019-07-26-09-00-00
  15. Nelson23

    Line up now finished?

    I’m going for Cast. They have a slot hat weekend free.