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  1. Nelson23

    Kendall Calling - First Timer

    Feedback on Soap Opera/Privy Pass last year was very mixed. I’ve never booked it personally as I have a motorhome but I guess the Privy Pass might help queues at the toilets up at the arena if you’re female ? Showers are always busy around 9-11am but fine most other times. Thursday acts start around 5pm & finish around midnight. The rest of the Festival will have something on from around midday until 4am. As for do’s & don’ts, if you’ve been to festivals before, I’m sure KC will be easy for you. It’s a very friendly, compact festival with lots of options. Try not to spend the majority of your time around the Main Stage. Some of the best times I have at KC have been wandering around. This will be my 12th time here & always find something new. Buy a lanyard too. They have time splits from all of the stages so it’s worth having. They’re a tenner.
  2. Nelson23

    Line Up 2019 Predictions

    Only Gerry Cinnamon from memory. Have a look through some older posts, bound to be something amongst that lot.
  3. Nelson23


    I always buy mine on the pre-sale pre-sale in April for the following year. Be patient, always some drop in at the last minute & try not be tempted at those on eBay for stupid money.
  4. Nelson23

    Line Up 2019 Predictions

    It’s legit. This is now on their official Twitter & FB pages.
  5. Nelson23

    Line Up 2019 Predictions

    Seen this ?
  6. Nelson23

    Line Up Announcement

    There’s always something out there but only twice in the 11 years I’ve been there previously have I been wowed. Even though it’s not the biggest festival going, I do feel it punches below it’s weight when you see some smaller festivals pull some genuine class out of the hat at times. I don’t see tonight being any different. Just hoping we don’t get the same old acts we see every 2-3 years making their return.
  7. Nelson23

    2019 Prediction Game

    My final 20 as the announcement due in the next couple of weeks (surely?) ! Headliners - Primal Scream Run DMC Foals Courteeners Doves // Gerry’s Cinnamon // You Me at Six // The Vaccines // The Pigeon Detectives // The Wombats // Sam Fender // Miles Kane // DMA’s // The Slow Readers Club // Scouting For Girls // GlasVegas // Razorlight // The Specials // Reverend & The Makers // Sea Girls
  8. Nelson23

    2019 Prediction Game

    Headliners - Thurs - Run DMC Weekend - Bastille, Liam Gallagher, Courteeners. I’ll work on the rest but I’d expect people who featured heavily in previous years to make their appearances.
  9. Nelson23

    Line Up 2019 Predictions

    Just to be original, I can see them going for - James The Vaccines The Charlatans Frank Turner Kodaline Run DMC Razorlight Primal Scream & seeing as Global are pushing them on most of their stations, Courteeners who are Marmite for everyone outside of Manchester for me We’ve had this with KC for years now. It’s the same acts turning up over & over again. I keep saying this will be my last but no doubt I’ll snap their hands off for another early bird in April. It’s just as well festivals don’t live & die by their main stage acts as KC would be ruined by now.
  10. Nelson23

    Line Up 2019 Predictions

    Not sure if they’re just teasing but they’re hinting at a pre-Christmas line up announcement on Twitter this evening....
  11. Nelson23

    Kendal Calling NYE

    I don’t understand why they’ve put the Kendal Calling name to a NYE party in Manchester ??
  12. Nelson23


    I like James but they really should reconsider their festival set. A lot of people there will know half a dozen of their songs & they’d walk away muchbhappier if they did all that with a good mixture of their other stuff. I often see new stuff at festivals then come home & book tickets to their next gig near mine. Stand alone James gigs are the place to promote their new stuff in my opinion. I think they’ll lose some interest from many if they keep this up. Their fanbase however is really partisan so they’ll always do fine, I just don’t think they do themselves any favours with those on the fence or the other side.
  13. Nelson23


    Despite my reservations of the lineup, I really enjoyed it too. Calling Outs increased capacity was much needed & welcome and I also liked what they’re setting up around the Valley of the Beats. I was disappointed in them closing the Carvetti Stage early - previously, they’d have stuff on until 3am & this weekend is was all shut down around 9pm. Other than that, there wasn’t much else to complain about.
  14. Nelson23

    Saturday night headliners. What’s everyone doing?

    I can vouch for Horseman too, great live act. I’ll try to get to see them before heading over to see Richy Ahmed.
  15. Nelson23

    Stage splits / times

    Has this actually been confirmed ? I’ve asked them numerous times with no response.