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  1. Charliebe

    Alone 2016

    So did you guys all meet up then???
  2. Charliebe

    Alone 2016

    Hey so where is everyone coming from?? I'm travelling on the big green coach from Exeter anyone else??
  3. Charliebe

    Alone 2016

    Cool, I'm coming from Devon. Trying to find poeple to travel up with.
  4. Charliebe

    Alone 2016

    I'm only doing three days, where's everyone coming from?
  5. Charliebe

    Alone 2016

    Sorry havnt checked this in a while. Are you both getting the sliver package? It'd be great to meet up with you but I only got standard ticket.
  6. Charliebe

    Alone 2016

    My mate just told me she's not going, I really want to but don't wanna be a loner. Any one fancy letting me tag a long with them please :-)