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  1. Wristbands arrived today 🙂 wasn’t expecting a wristband for the Sunday since I have a QR code for it so that’s a nice surprise
  2. I’m happy with those replacements 👀 especially incubus and broco
  3. That sucks. Out of curiosity what airline are you with?
  4. Yep just came to say the same thing. None of my instalments have come out on the 1st
  5. Has anybody with the instalment plan had their instalment for January come out yet? Still haven’t had anything here
  6. Doubt it, they could only really play the Wednesday (which we have all the headliners for), Thursday (meaning 2 countries in 2 days) or Friday with the latter meaning playing 3 days in a row)
  7. Pinkpop just announced RHCP aren’t coming back next year
  8. To be fair before we thought it was Mumford and sons so it’s hardly a downgrade aha
  9. Beabadoobee is next to Pale Waves on the Thursday
  10. That killers thing has got to be an oversight aha. Interesting they’re adding the 3rd headliner for that day though. Hellfest is meant to announce NIN this week aren’t they? Deftones under them makes sense
  11. I’ll update the poster to fill in more blanks later 🙂 just in work
  12. Who are we thinking for the 3 headliners to be announced later on? Dream would be RHCP, NIN and Billie Eilish but that’s probably wishful thinking
  13. updated with a few of the suggestions here. The app I’m using is pretty terrible so I can’t do the smaller bands. Pretty sure Frank Carter won’t fit on the Thursday because there’s a T right after with no dot before it? I know I’ve placed Thrice probably too high up but I can’t think of who else would fit just noticed I’ve spelt Jensen wrong too aha
  14. Well that’s Carly Rae Jepson on the first day. NIN dream is getting less likely 😞
  15. think I managed to get a couple of the undercard in there (shikari is wishful thinking by me to be honest though). Interesting what the short name on the Friday is
  16. Billie Eilish could fit where KOL are on the Saturday
  17. I know they played the opening night last year but after listening to that new BMTH track it’d be cool to have them back
  18. Think rage is just a mistake. It’s literally the same dates as this year for the rest of the euro shows
  19. MCR would only be able to do the 8th and then it means them playing 4 days in a row, it won’t be them
  20. Gutted about no Billie but I’m super surprised about RHCP. Will keep my ticket I think
  21. I know they played last year but it’d be cool to have BMTH back next year
  22. For those of you that got Airbnb’s they extended their extenuating circumstances policy yesterday to refund bookings made before March 14th for check-in before July 15th. Sent off my cancellation request yesterday, accepted in a few hours and money in the bank today
  23. Twenty One Pilots announced their first EU show for next July. Looks like they’ll be back. Looking at other Rescheduled bands we might have : Twenty One Pilots, Foals, The Killers, Faith No More, Kings Of Leon, Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes Nine Inch Nails are apparently touring from early- mid June. Trent visually enjoyed himself last time they played and said it was beyond what he expected. Be good to have them back if their tour goes on that long.
  24. Any more info on this or is it just in line with what we were expecting this year?
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