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  1. Considering RHCP came in last min to replace Metallica at US fests I guess they could do the same here
  2. RATM are touring the states during the festival
  3. Not impossible. They’ve played before so can only hope
  4. In terms of smaller bands it’d be cool to have Loathe playing this. Seem to be In Europe and would fit in with bands like deftones and sleep token
  5. The strokes and Liam Gallagher fit together
  6. Can totally see reading making a big deal of it and announcing on Annie Mac radio 1.
  7. Posted at 8pm. Same time the rock en Seine announcement tomorrow.
  8. I’m going with royal blood and foo fighters now tbh. Worst case scenario royal blood and Liam Gallagher
  9. Would love JEW at mad cool but looking at their tour it would mean playing 4 days in a row, unless they played the Saturday of course
  10. Yeah it was, but from what we can tell with MCR and the strokes things can change very quickly. Especially when money is involved
  11. RATM would be an absolute dream but I doubt we’d get them. Part of me still thinks we might get Blink as a last minute addition
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