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  1. Thursday - Napalm Death Friday - At The Gates Saturday - Massacre (Behemoth fits too) Sunday - Lacuna Coil
  2. absolute scenes if it was Pendulum
  3. no idea, grasping at straws aha. in terms of logistics 2 sets per site makes sense but i can 100% see them doing a sound system set in the tent at reading (if announced that is)
  4. Normal set on main, Shikari Sound System, Acoustic on introducing, Common Dreads 10th Anniversary set
  5. Sounds more like Hacktivist to me
  6. Can see this happening Def Leppard - Whitesnake - Alice In Chains Rob Zombie Slipknot - Architects - Trivium Die Antwoord Tool - Slayer - Within Temptation Slash
  7. Die antwoord are fairly big, headlined boomtown this year. Can see them headlining zippo at a fest like download
  8. -edit- ignore me I misread aha
  9. Can I point out that we were allowed to bring our own water in today
  10. Just walked in no problem. Bar queue was a minute long
  11. I can’t say I found the ques that bad considering how long I’ve waited to get into Download and Reading some years. I said to the other half at least we weren’t waiting that long carrying camping equipment the one thing that really bothered me was that none of the food stalls sold any type of drink. You’d think by law they’d have to at least supply water. Do they not let you bring any of your own water on site? Even if it’s a sealed bottle?
  12. Well this is fun Even with the lack of foos or Royal Blood I’m genuinely shocked that Thirty Seconds to Mars weren’t announced
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