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  1. Looked at the dates for the last full Europe tour MCR did and they’ve done 3 countries in 3 days before, as well as 4 days in a row further into the tour. I understand they’re older, it’s a different time and what not but I still don’t believe they’re out of the question.
  2. SOAD are playing resurrection fest on the 3rd so it seems that’ll be their only Spanish date
  3. That’d be a shame if people that were there at 9:30 this morning didn’t actually get to see their first show here
  4. Surely there are direct flights between Ukraine/Spain and Spain/Russia though? I don’t see how it rules them out personally, obviously I could be wrong though but it’s interesting news regardless so cheers for that
  5. Would still leave the Friday free. They’re potentially doing 3 uk dates in a row. But yeah be interested to hear the source
  6. It could be that they’ve pulled out of any dates done through golden voice and are held back rewriting agreements for the same dates through a different agency
  7. Looks like the second date will be sold out soon. Mad cool announcement in half hour?
  8. Supposedly releasing an album this year
  9. MCR Milton Keynes confirmed. confident on this now.
  10. PM’d you trying to keep the thread on topic for the fest so won’t mention here
  11. As much as I’d love tame impala I don’t think they’d have a month gap in such a extensive American tour to come over for euro fests. I hope I’m wrong but I think it’s just a break in the tour
  12. Actually you’re the bully here. How is expressing ideas of how bands might announce their plans “lying”. At no point did it suggest that was concrete info. This is a discussion thread for such things, we’re not all in the know.
  13. Considering MCR were eyed up for rock werchter, the info coming from their thread that names are coming next week, the fact we’re missing headliners and the timing of the uk show announcement I’d say they’re pretty much a certainty at this point
  14. I imagine so, the uk date is obviously taking priority at the moment. Where do you work if you don’t mind me asking?
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