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  1. I know they played the opening night last year but after listening to that new BMTH track it’d be cool to have them back
  2. Think rage is just a mistake. It’s literally the same dates as this year for the rest of the euro shows
  3. MCR would only be able to do the 8th and then it means them playing 4 days in a row, it won’t be them
  4. Gutted about no Billie but I’m super surprised about RHCP. Will keep my ticket I think
  5. I know they played last year but it’d be cool to have BMTH back next year
  6. For those of you that got Airbnb’s they extended their extenuating circumstances policy yesterday to refund bookings made before March 14th for check-in before July 15th. Sent off my cancellation request yesterday, accepted in a few hours and money in the bank today
  7. Twenty One Pilots announced their first EU show for next July. Looks like they’ll be back. Looking at other Rescheduled bands we might have : Twenty One Pilots, Foals, The Killers, Faith No More, Kings Of Leon, Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes Nine Inch Nails are apparently touring from early- mid June. Trent visually enjoyed himself last time they played and said it was beyond what he expected. Be good to have them back if their tour goes on that long.
  8. Any more info on this or is it just in line with what we were expecting this year?
  9. Gorillaz and Tame Impala at Primavera next year. Oh god please let it happen. reading the statement mad cool put out again it really gives the indication they are going ahead next year. Here’s hoping for a lineup announcement sooner rather than later
  10. Yeah, I’d like to have an understanding of which bands are being carried over before I decide. Foals, Billie Eilish and The Killers seem like safe bets.
  11. Looks like they’ve either secured the site for another year or found somewhere new. I doubt there’d be any point talking to bands about rescheduling unless they had a venue in place.
  12. This is all getting a bit silly now and Airbnb haven’t been the best dealing with this either. Obviously flights cancelled but Airbnb are only offering refunds up to June 15th. My only other option is to cancel myself and gain 50% of what I would be paying, so I’d still be losing hundreds. The idea of vouchers doesn’t bother me as much, just as long as I can use them for ticketmaster uk. The idea of losing over £700 for this is utterly depressing.
  13. Hopefully they can arrange to make some sort of deal which lets them keep the site for an extra year and carry over tickets to next year, with the option of refunds. That’s probably the best scenario tbh. the lack of information from mad cool is making me think they’re trying to secure the site for next year before making any sort of announcement
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