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  1. robmongascy

    Boomtown 2018

  2. robmongascy

    Boomtown 2018

    Where’d you find this?
  3. robmongascy

    Lineup 2018

    Well this is fun Even with the lack of foos or Royal Blood I’m genuinely shocked that Thirty Seconds to Mars weren’t announced
  4. robmongascy

    Boomtown 2018

    Really tempted by the line up this year, never been before. Anyone knows if this usually sells out and if so how close to the fest?
  5. robmongascy

    Mad Cool 2018

    Smashing Pumpkins would be amazing but A Perfect Circle finish their tour the week before, so not really enough time for James to rehearse with the rest of the band
  6. robmongascy

    Mad Cool 2018

    wolf alice
  7. robmongascy

    Mad Cool 2018

    hope they get enter shikari on the bill for this, played a few years back so not out of the realms of possibility. they seem to be doing euro fests as well
  8. robmongascy

    Mad Cool 2018

    muse/royal blood?
  9. robmongascy

    Download 2018

    Rumour page updated A7x (SR) for Friday Gnr (R) for Saturday
  10. robmongascy

    2017 festival

    not as good as i thought it'd be imo but the only thing really letting it down is the lack of big names on the sunday. Can see Haim headlining NME or being 3rd down on main, at a push. Hate it when they announce with this style poster, what happened to the one Andy C had?
  11. robmongascy

    2017 festival

    friday at 7:50, odd time

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