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  1. JonSnow

    Taylor Swift

    Haven't even opened my Spotify 2019 review yet but I am 100% confident that will be my most listened too song. As it will be in 2020...
  2. JonSnow

    2020 headliners

    Normally just lurk the forum as guest but logged in for the first time in about a year just so I could downvote and comment. Kudos for bringing me out of retirement Dick Butkis.
  3. JonSnow

    2019 Headliners

    I can understand the Cure Friday booking budget wise if they are going after Macca and Madonna for the other two days In terms of the mainstream/niche debate; Radiohead who are often though of as a pretty niche none mainstream band (my Dad had never heard of them for a start) have had 6 studio albums that have charted at number 1, one of which was only 2 years ago. The Cure have had have 1 studio album that has charted at number 1 which was in 1992 (the year of my birth) I also heard Radiohead didn't exactly pack out the Pyramid field last year so unsure what kind of crowd the Cure would get.
  4. Better get updating that Reading clashfinder to slot them in then😘
  5. Handing out a sub headline spot to somebody who has released an impressive total of 0 albums? Well that - was f*cking dreadful
  6. I just googled a random number generator and it came out as 2pm. Make of that what you will
  7. This lack of a lineup poster is the most outraged i've been since.....well the 'Legs-it' headline this morning
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