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  1. A nice post-rock band called Blanket self-confirmed on Bandsintown: https://www.bandsintown.com/e/1019582401-blanket-at-obudai-island Probably they will play on Europe Stage.
  2. Official Spotify playlist:
  3. Bob Moses also self-confirmed: https://www.bandsintown.com/e/102062670-bob-moses-at-sziget-festival
  4. A world music act self-confirmed on Bandsintown: https://www.bandsintown.com/e/102063649-anna-rf-at-sziget-festival
  5. What about Solange as female headliner? She will play at Oyafestivalen in Norway on 14th August.
  6. She's not big enough in Hungary to sell enough day tickets, but she would be great as A38 headliner.
  7. New website launched: https://szigetfestival.com/en-int/
  8. They're never played at Sziget, fingers crossed!
  9. And we can rule out Armin Van Buuren too, he played at Sziget in 2009.
  10. Probably it's Major Lazer, they will be in Portugal on 6th August.
  11. Some good names for Summer Well! Lowlands and Boardmasters announcement tomorrow, Boomtown Fair on Thursday.
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