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  1. James96

    Mad Cool 2018

    Umm Massive Attack forgot they're playing?
  2. James96

    Mad Cool 2018

    Oh for fuck sake.
  3. James96

    Mad Cool 2018

    Near the entrance on your left past the merch stalls, should be a huge fan and then around that corner on the left there's some taps if you're referring to water points on site. Anyone else notice how there was no water in the taps for toilets haha
  4. James96

    Mad Cool 2018

    Is there a building ahead of you that says, feria de Madrid, if so you're in the same shit I'm in.
  5. James96

    Mad Cool 2018

    Anyone near the IFEMA? Queue here is mental
  6. James96

    Mad Cool 2018

    Yeah shocking. Still just stood here and nothing has moved.
  7. James96

    Mad Cool 2018

    5pm and nothing has happened?
  8. James96

    Mad Cool 2018

    Oh dear. To be fair if anyone is thinking of queuing from this side the queue is so big you'd probably be better going along the highway like you guys have done.
  9. James96

    Mad Cool 2018

    Anyone queuing at the IFEMA, seems to be a big queue here and that's just to walk through the building to get to the festival site. Anyone at the festival gates yet?
  10. James96

    Mad Cool 2018

    I'm confused as it says line 8 will be running , but I don't know if the includes feria de Madrid to Barras or further (think the last stop is the airport)
  11. James96

    Mad Cool 2018

    Anyone know if this extended line 8 opening hours is heading to Barras? Or is it ending at Feria De Madrid.
  12. James96

    British Summer Time 2018

    If it's anything like All Points East (also ran by AEG) then it's a fucking rip off.
  13. James96

    British Summer Time 2018

    Hoping TWDY doesn't clash with Slowdive other than that it should be amazing.
  14. James96

    My Bloody Valentine

    Going to the Birmingham gig tomorrow and looking forward to it. Their first show in years!
  15. James96

    Tour Announcements & Upcoming Gigs

    43 quid a ticket on dice