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  1. I'll stick Twitter notifications on then if it's rumoured for today
  2. https://bristolticketshop.com/events/give-a-shit-xmas-homeless-beneefit-gig-the-marble-factory Sold out on the Marble Factory's website so get your tickets now if you're considering it. Went to the one last year, really great atmosphere. The fact they've got Idles this year is outrageous.
  3. James96

    2020 headliners

    Crazy that Black Midi have only been around a year or so and they've had a band named after one of their singles
  4. James96

    2020 headliners

    Any reason why the suggestion of a talking heads reunion came up? Pretty sure DB said it's almost certainly not happening?
  5. Likely just a homecoming exclusive but if they brought it anywhere in Europe it would probably be Primavera with their strong ties now.
  6. Big Thief need to be booked
  7. Got to headline other surely. With his current live set up anything less wouldn't do it justice.
  8. Phoebe Bridgers and American Football were excellent last night at the Roundhouse. Hoping that she makes her primavera debut next year, I don't think she has played before? (However Julien Baker and Lucy Dacus have so she'd probably fit well) American Football should come back too if they're active next year
  9. Both good shouts and more likely than mine, I can't see The Postal Service coming back, I was just being very optimistic
  10. From the reddit translation: This has got me extremely hyped. Wonder what 5 primavera classic bands will reunite? Slint? The Postal Service? MBV?
  11. Pinegrove are touring next year. Set of EU dates end 2nd April, no Spain dates.
  12. Yeah huge oversight on whoever put it together.
  13. Think it was soon after, pretty sure the person who made it just used the most requested artists, hence the 'my fake line up was better' at the top
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