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  1. James96

    2019 Predictions

    Beak > have just self confirmed.
  2. James96

    Green Man 2019

  3. James96

    Green Man 2019

    How fast did this sell out last year? Same day as the announcement?
  4. James96

    All Points East Festival 2019

    You have an idea who the next announcement is then?
  5. James96

    All Points East Festival 2019

    Really late
  6. James96

    Green Man 2019

    Surely that's Sharon Van Etten's slot. Wanting Big Thief at the fest too. And Boygenius or Big Red Machine but I reckon they're both unlikely.
  7. James96

    Green Man 2019

    I'd be happy with that trio, but would prefer someone other than FJM. Was an absolute bore at APE before Bjork last year.
  8. James96

    Green Man 2019

    29th January for the announcement as per a reply on their facebook page.
  9. James96

    Coachella 2019

    According to Consequence of Sound sources, Tame Impala was booked before Ariana to fill Justin Timberlake's slot. The Kanye fallout was supposedly very last minute and therefore they scrambled for Ariana, they even moved around the dates to fit her in because I think she has shows on the Friday+Saturday.
  10. James96

    Mad Cool 2019

    Feel like my hope for Thom Yorke has been dashed with that Bilbao announcement, unless he plays all three
  11. James96

    All Points East Festival 2019

    I still think Tame Impala will be at this. Feel like they're going to make a UK appearance on the festival dates they've been scheduled and this seems like the perfect place for them. Yes they headlined Citadel last year but I don't think it matters that much
  12. James96

    Mad Cool 2019

    I doubt Radiohead will be touring in 2020
  13. James96

    Mad Cool 2019

    I'll have Thom Yorke from NOS Alive please
  14. James96

    Green Man 2019

    The National are playing all together now in Ireland at the start of August, not sure if it strengthens their chances of playing this or not.
  15. James96

    Primavera Sound 2019

    Hoping for Big Red Machine at APE now.