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  1. James96

    Self Confirmed 2020

    Great, Brudenell social club have since omitted the warm up show part!
  2. Potentially. I reckon Geoff will have just asked El-P from RTJ. He doesn't keep his mouth shut about things like this.
  3. He's mates with RTJ afaik
  4. Looks like they're doing their own gig
  5. Was thinking about this earlier, stick it in those tents they had as well when they originally toured. Would be outrageous
  6. Even if it is, it's a great resource for fans. I think RH are proving to be one of the most giving bands when it comes to their fans. I really hope to see the the 20th anniversary this year in a re release like Ok computer
  7. Tame your expectations, I'm sure we're not getting Radiohead
  8. They also liked a tweet by the same person that said "I'll take that as a yes" so looks like they'll be there!! Anniversary show perhaps to make up for the two years in a row?
  9. Well you can't fault their enthusiasm I guess?
  10. Please stop using logical assumptions, this thread is only for clinging to false hope.
  11. I kinda think Grimes wasnt even gonna play this or tour in general.
  12. I'm surprised there hasn't even been a teaser yet
  13. Tomorrow/Thursday Potential drawn out live stream related to that #bestfestivalforever teaser that has been all over their social media.
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