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  1. Can't find this anywhere online!
  2. APE could have been the London Primavera, it's just a shame it's ran by AEG.
  3. Anyone got a spare ticket?
  4. Return of Bon Iver? Last played in 2017, got a new album coming out. Justin played with Big Red Machine this year.
  5. That playlist sounds unhealthy for my expectations. REM, MBV, Sufjan, Kate Bush? Jesus. Astronomical expectations.
  6. Yeah can't see any of those acts being booked except maybe Lana. 1975 have never played have they?
  7. Hope Thom is still active on his solo stuff next year - would love to see his live show at Primavera. Explosions in the Sky could play, although they are playing Barcelona in Feb. Swans seem to be gearing up for a new album and play quite Primavera often. Phoebe Bridgers will be releasing her next album over the next year or so, surprised she hasn't played Primavera before. Think my dream would be Frank Ocean, but after the debacle in 2017 he might be on the festivals blacklist.
  8. I'm on the fence, saw them in Leeds in 2016, and they were excellent, and arguably the best set I could have asked from them. Who knows what the 20th anniversary shows entail? Also bumped up quite a lot in price, some seats in London are £37. Manchester is a lot cheaper though.
  9. James96

    2020 headliners

    Christ, I need to tame my expectations, Radiohead in any form next year would be immense.
  10. Think wristbands are optional and I'm almost certain you can sell with Redtkt. You'll also be able to sell for easier if you sell at the early bird price. Edit: wristbands being sent out are optional
  11. James96

    2020 headliners

    I thought Parsonjack said it was someone unremarkable? *Someone not that ludicrous
  12. Granted this was only my second festival with my first being in 2017, I don't think it was better than that. I did Oxfam Volunteering which maybe affected that - but I am very excited for 2020.
  13. James96


    They're not
  14. James96

    Sean Paul

    Strange way of spelling Thom Yorke
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