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  1. James96

    2020 New Music

    Kinda new music, but Stereogum are struggling. They've got a fundraiser with a £16 reward being a 44 song cover album (download) from an excellent range of artists. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/save-stereogum-an-00s-covers-comp#/
  2. I'd personally much rather have twigs rebooked than LDR
  3. Really happy with those names alone tbh. I'm reckoning The National will be back as they're just gonna reschedule their block of dates most likely, especially with playing London a couple of days before.
  4. James96

    Claim To Fame

    Nothing groundbreaking but I was in the Glastonbury guardian q and a thing they did a few years back, 2017 time?
  5. James96

    The National

    If you're a fan of SWB this is an essential listen. Watched it live last night, first time it's ever been shown (except for the odd song here and there). Really fantastic versions of songs with a lot more instrumentations. It's SWB in full, there's also Mr November, Terrible Love and Fake Empire at the end.
  6. Something more definitive, instead of something so vague and unhelpful. I don't see how reading the statement has made anything more clear - that's my issue with it. I obviously support Primavera, I would just like a clearer statement.
  7. What did my post have anything to do with Boris Johnson? There is a lot of travel related to this festival for a lot of people and PS know this. They also can see the current travel bans for their country and all of the others. The statement was a non statement.
  8. Really hope they put another statement out now. The one on Monday was abysmal and tone deaf.
  9. Really hope something can be worked out and it gets postponed rather than cancelled.
  10. James96

    Self Confirmed 2020

    Great, Brudenell social club have since omitted the warm up show part!
  11. Potentially. I reckon Geoff will have just asked El-P from RTJ. He doesn't keep his mouth shut about things like this.
  12. He's mates with RTJ afaik
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