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  1. HattersBoy

    The Joke Thread

    Spilling any alcohol is considered significant
  2. HattersBoy


    Absolutely buzzing for the Saturday, Aerosmith followed by Paul
  3. HattersBoy

    The Joke Thread

    Hope you're all safe
  4. Saw that too and was wondering what he could take a dislike to. Have an upvote to cancel it.
  5. Not sure if I have the correct number. So just in case and thats not me.
  6. 2016 was my first and only year and I remember seeing the lights across the site through the trees after the 13 hour wait in the queue and being in awe. Walked onto the site at about 2am Thursday morning just to get a view of things and we sat down and was chatting to strangers within minutes. We were then joined by a girl on her hands and knees talking to the flowers up by the bridge near West Holts, we got someone to help. We managed to see loads of bands over the next few days including New Order, Squeeze, Madness, Foals and ELO. Checked out the site from up by the sign and saw the rain clouds coming in. It was then a struggle through all the mud. We still loved it though. Highlights were A Guy Called Gerald Voodoo Ray for an hour in the Glade, the Spike when we wanted to chill and stay dry and New Order. Watched Coldplay and decided to go home after a good soaking and covered in mud. Still think there's Glastonbury mud on boots and some of our kit. Can't wait to next year, want to get to places like Silver Hayes and the SE corner which the mud prevented us in getting to. Please more sun though!
  7. Only known 2016 but in these conditions I can only say I would prefer the sun regardless of the heat. But at least we managed to keep on smiling till the end.
  8. Sorry to hear that, I have just volunteered my services for the resale day so hopefully I can be of assistance, was able to get tickets for someone in 2016 so fingers crossed for you
  9. Have to get you a ticket just to see that hat!
  10. Was informed on this great forum that the option will appear when you pay the balance in April. BTW welcome, I'm a semi lurker, went dark after 2016 cos I had no ticket but excitement building for next year.
  11. Just volunteering assistance for the resale club, was lucky for someone back in 2016
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