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  1. There was a wristband exchange at Apolo last year. And the years before you were able to enter by showing your ticket – no wristband needed. So no, I don't think you need to visit Parc del Fòrum first.
  2. Have they changed that? Usually you had to leave the main area/entrance and re-enter with all the other people standing in lines.
  3. https://twitter.com/cj11tt/status/1126094398394195968
  4. Listen: Lisabö. By the name I first thought of some sort of scandivian DJ or whatever, but it turned out Lisabö is a spanish 90s-hardcore-legend. For fans of Fugazi and maybe Slint. Ezarian - Lisabö
  5. The answer is always Fucked Up. They're immense live, their new album is incredible and they're playing a club concert at Sala Apolo on Wednesday. Going to be one those Primvera gigs. Fucked Up live at Sala Apolo 2015
  6. I'd recommend the best of compilation Hardcore UFOs: The Best of Guided by Voices to start with. If it must be an album for whatever reason try Alien Lanes.
  7. Doesn't really matter what we think.
  8. Sons of Kemet. Yes, from London sure. But could be that typical type of concert.
  9. Stream starts at 18pm now. Lol...Primavera doing Primvera things.
  10. They played: LauerMogwaiDesechablesNew OrderInnerzone OrchestraFlying OrchestraIdles Don't think that Mogwai or FlyLo will be part of the final Line-Up.
  11. So guys, I guess music lovers' Christmas Eve has arrived a bit earlier this year.
  12. We have one too. It's german but should do its job anyway: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1rEIvItFiilhNho2J3M-HpxP1Ym5G6-J1vco9oLMFRkw/edit
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