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  1. Cnr_22

    The best place to **** was ****

    Kris Kristofferson was good to have a nap to...
  2. Cnr_22

    Are Tories welcome at Glastonbury

    I distinctly remember it being Thursday night time (-ish) in SHITV and the band on were doing some very anti-tory things, in the middle of the dancefloor(?) a couple stood absolutely stood still whilst everyone around them lost their collective shits' singing "Ohhh Jeremy Corbyn" was quite funny actually, looked like it could've been a scene from a sitcom...
  3. Cnr_22

    mobile sound system, sunday night, arcadia

    He was there until 5am (As that's when we left him) was as really good end to the festival!
  4. Cnr_22

    So... Who else is on their last day of work clock watching

    Last working day today, ONLY 2 days until I'm there
  5. Cnr_22

    Stage Artwork Memorials?

    The rock is dead?
  6. Cnr_22

    Festaff crew

    You'll see it all, apart from backstage areas unless you can blag it, one thing I remember from last year is England were playing on the Tuesday/wednesday and I've never seen so many people crowded around 32inch TV, was good to see.
  7. Saw a deluxe camping chair on site for £35, came with leatherette cushion...
  8. Cnr_22


    In 2016 the campsite was outside the main fence, we were next to Oxfam who had a huge area, we shared their facilities (Toilets and Showers, which were on a token system) was a 5 minute walk from gate B. I was on my own last year and enjoyed it, made a couple friends who are returning this year it's great because you can go off and do something on your own accord. Overall the experience with Festaff was great! As it was my first time at Glasto I've been put off going to other festivals (Leeds regular) because it's so good.
  9. Cnr_22


    Hi! I was with Festaff last year and with them again this year. There isn't any concrete details yet about locations and such for this yeat but as @quiet guy said we were told to meet just outside Gate B as this was where our campsite was, this would be a long trek if travelling by public transport. More details and info should come out within the next week (they said they'll email everyone confirmed with details 4 weeks before each festival) Let me know if you have anymore q's
  10. Cnr_22

    Festaff volunteers

    I can almost guarantee you won't be stuck with the toilets (almost 99% sure) Festaff only deal with the wristbanding side of things so you just need to be smiley and happy, no cleaning of the long drops (I believe this is WaterAid volunteers)
  11. Cnr_22

    Festaff volunteers

    Yeah I queried that with them and they say it hasn't been decided who is going to do the staff wristbanding this year (Last year I was invited around May time to do the staff wristbanding so still a bit of time till we know I guess) previous years I heard they were in a placed called 'Tom's Field' inside the fence and you had a few of the regulars wax lyrical about how it was 10x better there, I couldn't comment.
  12. Cnr_22

    Festaff volunteers

    I've only been last year, was so good I'm going again this year! the staff campsite last year was here (Link is a google maps location) 10-15 min walk to Pyramid I'd say
  13. Cnr_22

    Festaff volunteers

    Of course! if you get there early enough you can pick and choose ideal shifts (and sometimes gates!) another thing they say is that if you find your shift clashes they're happy to swap as long as you tell them (in the campsite office) and that you take the person who you're swapping with so they can verify the swap.
  14. Cnr_22

    Festaff volunteers

    You're told to make your own way there so if that's driving yourself then so be it I knew a couple groups car shared but I went solo and drove myself there. This turned out to be a good idea in the end as we were on site early (before the majority of food stalls opened up) So i could drive off site to the nearby shops (And KFC :D) and I wasn't bound to anybody elses schedules when it came to leaving Sunday night
  15. Cnr_22

    Festaff volunteers

    I worked with Festaff at Glasto last year, was a great time, If you have any questions then I can try an answer them!