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    Resale help

    2 of us in our group missed out this year (managed to get to enter our details but the site froze) and we would both very much appreciate help in the resale. We are able to help others too. We will be trying for both resales, coach and general ?
  2. Thanks! First time I’ve not known after the general sale whether we will be there or not... it’s going to be a long 6 months! (Unless we get lucky in the ballot, although it’s probably gonna have similar odds as a lottery haha). Hope you have an amazing time!
  3. Hi all. Disappointed to be joining the resale club but still feeling hopeful. We got to put our registrations in yesterday, then no further. Pressed back and was able to renter the details- this happened four times then we got kicked off the site altogether and had to start from scratch. Gutted! We were so lucky seven times running, either getting our own tickets or through friends. This is the first year that we haven’t managed to get tickets in the main coach or general sale, so I’m not sure what to expect for the resale. There’s two of us going for tickets in the resale (coach first, general sale if no joy). If anyone can help out in either resale I’d be eternally grateful. Obviously we will try for others in return if you don’t have tickets also ?
  4. Congrats on getting tickets! If you are able to help in the resale we would very much appreciate it (there’s 2 of us and we will be trying in the coach resale, then general resale if that’s not successful). I got to enter our registrations, the site froze, hit back and got back to the reg page. This happened four more times then got kicked off the page completely and had to start all over. By the time we got back on it had sold out. I think I finally gave up and stopped hitting refresh at about 10.30am?? Devastated! But so happy for everyone who got them. We have been each year since 2011 and want to be there so badly for the 50th bash. If you do have any space to help in the resale we’d be eternally grateful ❤️
  5. I think (from reading this bit on the site and past experience) that in the case of the payment screen freezing your registration would not be blocked for the ten mins. The main thing I think the block applies to is if, say, you were in 2 groups. Group A get through and enter your details. Unknowingly, Group B also get through and also enter your registration number. Your ticket from the Group A sale would be safe if the transaction had cleared but it would then block all of the other registrations in Group B that have not yet been used. This happened to some of my friends a couple of years ago so I don’t think it’s necessarily a ‘new’ rule. The same year that this happened, the payment screen froze for me during 3 separate bookings for our group- when I clicked back I was able to continue the transaction as normal each tine
  6. I heard that they have used images rather than text in the past to prevent auto refresh software from detecting specific words... I may be wrong but I think I remember something like this being said the year people were using ‘refreshinator’ and the like.
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