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  1. Friday is Tame Impala, for sure, and Janelle Monae easily takes it for Sunday. As for Saturday, it's a bit of a limp free-for-all. I've seen Hot Chip and Chemical Brothers recently, I've seen The Killers the last two summers and not sure I want to take the Wu-Tang risk. Anyone know what's happening with John Peel on Saturday night?
  2. Did YOTA pull out of the Chems day? Can't seen them on the app anymore.
  3. Some really amazing names on here. I'd recommend Arlo Parks, Sofi Tukker, Flohio, Grace Carter and Kudu Blue if you haven't heard of the before!
  4. Songs in the Key of Life and Innervisions are two of the best albums ever, but you'd probably be just as well starting with a Greatest Hits.
  5. Managed to get in to their Hackney show last night. Absolutely brilliant! It’s so good to have them back, ace setlist and the new ones sound great.
  6. A tad 'mainstream', perhaps, but I'm really enjoying the new Jack Savoretti record. Would love him to turn up for a mid-afternoon slot on the Pyramid.
  7. And Gorillaz. She’s down with the kids
  8. I went through a stage of really liking him last year and saw him twice, but his *too* nice aesthetic is grating on me at this point and his last song was dreadful. Loving is Easy is still a bop though.
  9. A set after Kylie on the Pyramid filled with Ordinary World, Hungry Like the Wolf, Girls on Film, Rio, The Reflex, A View to a Kill, Notorious and The Wild Boys would be a very special Glasto moment. And as Monae is on the farm anyway they can dust this one off...
  10. I curate a playlist that I'll be updating all year round. Really small, up and coming artists; usually debut singles too. Take a listen and follow if you're into that sort of thing.
  11. Lizzo. https://www.nme.com/news/music/lizzo-confirms-glastonbury-2019-cuz-i-love-you-interview-2450588
  12. I’ve been told they’re either mid Other or high up JP
  13. In terms of Stormzy’s fee I was told - by the person who told me Stormzy, The Cure and The Strokes - that he was playing for “practically free”. Additionally, I was told yesterday, by a different person from a management company, that neither of the other headliners had been properly booked yet...
  14. You can sing a long to that chorus after one listen. It's not bad...
  15. Kings of Leon are headlining Benicassim...
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