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  1. Especially when you look at the other two headliners! I'd be into the one posted by dum surfer - I've not seen enough NME headliners over my Readings but I'd definitely be there Friday and Saturday.
  2. That's a real shame, love the festival but not ever going to be worth the effort if it's looking like that these days.
  3. That's one remarkably dull booking. This could be the year my streak ends if the supposed rumours are accurate.
  4. Is it? They'll likely be headlining R&L as well.
  5. mttJ

    Kendrick Lamar

    I'll be there unless one of my must-sees is against him on the Other. Loved him in 2015, beyond underwhelmed in 2018.
  6. mttJ

    2020 headliners

    Thrown a fiver on as well just to soften the blow if they are announced.
  7. mttJ

    Pre erected camping

    Would also like to try it at some point if it wasn't such a ridiculous price. Almost tempted to do an Airbnb for Reading next year and that'd still work out miles cheaper.
  8. Not a single complaint from me but unless there’s nothing else available I won’t be there.
  9. mttJ


    I’m not particularly keen on the three Pyramid headliners being thrown about so I’d love a Foals OS headliner spot on the Sunday especially.
  10. Hey guys - thank you for answering all of these! Is there anywhere you'd recommend to camp which is within close(ish) proximity to both the Other/Pyramid stages?
  11. mttJ


    Two Steps, Twice vs London Thunder is a horrible Round 1 pairing but TST is my winner too.
  12. mttJ

    Future Headliners

    Don't see Catfish ever getting bigging enough to be in contention for Glasto, I just can't see how they get any bigger than they are already with the instant regression of their music. Definitely think Royal Blood will be in for a shout, can see them headlining R&L on the back of a 3rd no. 1 album and then being in the frame for Glastonbury shortly after. Maybe Harry Styles has an outside chance in a few years? Already has a huge fan base and seems to be rapidly winning over a new selection of people as well.
  13. mttJ

    2019 New Music

    Can't lie that I've just drifted through this first listen as well. None of the songs outside the three singles will live long in the memory, shame.
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