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  1. 😆 This just happened to me, bloody hell.
  2. mttJ

    2020 New Music

    Raleigh Ritchie's second album coming tomorrow also. Three singles out at the minute which are all decent. Absolutely loving the Phoebe Bridgers album like many others in here too.
  3. You make this sound like a sleight on their name but they've headlined Reading more than any other band in the last 7 years.
  4. I watch that set back every few months, was absolutely incredible.
  5. mttJ

    The 1975 2020

    Really disappointed with it but I was with most of the singles as well. 'People' and 'If You're Too Shy' are the clear stand-outs but I'd struggle to pick one of the non-released ones that wasn't complete filler. 'What Should I Say' is probably my favourite of the rest but the whole thing is terrible in my opinion. Maybe I'll grow into it.
  6. I don't hate George Ezra but he should be nowhere near this festival, come on.
  7. I'd be up for a Dua/Dave co-headline tbh.
  8. No mention yet of carrying the line-up over like the others have, hallelujah.
  9. mttJ

    2020 New Music

    I loved this. Interesting to hear him (amongst all the waffle) say that their next (next) album will be heading more towards the People sound as it was the song they've most recently written.
  10. 1. Biffy Clyro (2013) 2. Foals (2016) 3. The 1975 (2019) 4. blink-182 (2014) 5. Foo Fighters (2012) blink was unquestionably pretty shit but they were still my favourite band at my favourite festival so I had a hell of a time.
  11. Nothing will be as bad as Kings of Leon 2018, although The Libertines are also second for me.
  12. I've gone from not even thinking twice about it... to maybe I'll get a Friday ticket... to if this is on there is no chance I am not going.
  13. Rage Against the Machine (20) -5 The 1975 (30) Foo Fighters (30) Muse (25) -5 Foals (50) +5 Biffy Clyro (30) +5 Arctic Monkeys (35) Queens of the Stone Age (35) The Cure (40) The Strokes (20) Arcade Fire (45) nothing against RATM but i'm going off my experience of their slot and they haven't gone yet
  14. Rage Against The Machine (35) Stormzy (25) Post Malone (25) The 1975 (50) +5 Foo Fighters (35) Twenty One Pilots (30) Panic! at the Disco (30) Fall Out Boy (0) -5 DEAD Kasabian (20) Eminem (20) Muse (30) Disclosure (15) Foals (50) +5 Biffy Clyro (30) Red Hot Chilli Peppers (5) The Libertines (0) -5 DEAD Metallica (20) Arctic Monkeys (30) Paramore (25) Queens of the Stone Age (35) Green Day (30) The Cure (30) My Chemical Romance (25) The Strokes (25) Pulp (20) Arcade Fire (45)
  15. Friday: The 1975 Saturday: Arctic Monkeys Sunday: Taylor Swift Lana Del Rey Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds Lewis Capaldi
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