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  1. mttJ

    Lineup 2018

    1. Biffy 2013 2. Foos 2012 3. Foals 2016 4. Kasabian 2017 5. Biffy 2016 Enjoyed blink as they're still one of my favourite bands, but the set was pretty shite and comfortably the worst time I've seen them.
  2. I can't see 2019 being that shit after how this year has seemingly gone down, especially seeing as the Glastonbury competition returns.
  3. mttJ

    Lineup 2018

    I think it was May.
  4. mttJ

    A few questions for first time

    If you had to list the MOST essential items to bring, what would they be? It's kind of tailored to how you are as a person, if you're not particularly fond of getting a little groggy then make sure you bring dry shampoo and a shit tonne of baby wipes. As per essentials, you're gonna need a tent, a sleeping bag, plenty of clothes (heavy on the socks), a camping chair, a suitable amount of money to go get your stuff from Tesco (don't recommend bringing in all your crates of beer etc when you come in or the walk will be horrific), a torch, a lighter, toothbrush/toothpaste and depending on the weather at the time, wellies can be a necessity. How easy is it to get weed inside? Unless you get pretty unlucky, very. How thoroughly are bags searched? 2017 was my 5th year and was the first time my bag was searched, and it was proper thorough in fairness. Other four years I've literally been able to just walk through but must have had something dodgy about me this year as they went through everything. Would you recommend getting the Early Bird Pass and getting there a day before (eg. Thursday morning?), or is it essential to go on the Wednesday? I think it's worth it for the extra £15, it guarantees you a good camping spot so you can easily get to/from the arena to have more drinks etc. Also gives you a chance to meet the people around you straight away and have a laugh on the first night. It's not essential but it'd certainly make the rest of the weekend easier.
  5. mttJ

    Lineup 2018

    Yeah my point was that he isn't coheadlining so it was a bit of a weird design. Not the former.
  6. mttJ

    2018 Reccomendations

    I think most who've read the 2018 thread will have checked them out by this point, but BROCKHAMPTON's set is going to be a lot of fun.
  7. mttJ

    Lineup 2018

    Think my heads gone a little reading into font sizes a bit too much.
  8. mttJ

    Lineup 2018

    Well Travis Scott isn't mentioned anywhere as being a co-headliner yet his font size (I know...) is bigger than Courteeners who should technically be playing the same sub-headliner slot? Therefore two big font acts (still aware) for each day, leaving one left for the Sunday.
  9. mttJ

    Lineup 2018

    Actually beginning to get hopeful of them adding Royal Blood next to Kings of Leon now.
  10. mttJ

    Lineup 2018

    Just confusing with the "completing the quartet" that was put in the text alongside the last announcement.
  11. mttJ

    Lineup 2018

    I know it's looking into it a little too much but I wonder why Travis Scott is a bigger font size than Courteeners. Is he actually co-headlining?
  12. mttJ

    Lineup 2018

    Wrong to think there’s a sub spot available on Saturday? Travis Scott/Courteeners seem right but looks like there’s a gap for another one on Sat.
  13. mttJ

    Lineup 2018

    Don't think there's a hope of Royal Blood now. Maybe they could've been a sub at first but no chance they'd sub these headliners.
  14. mttJ

    Lineup 2018

  15. mttJ

    Lineup 2018

    Any chance of some good news and they’re both at Big Weekend?