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  1. No no, cynicism welcome! And doesn't it? I was well chuffed when I spotted the cider bus (as was my two-year-old, who screamed 'Glasto!). And I wasn't alone, that's for sure.
  2. Rest assured, I took the photo myself, rightly drawing the ire of those around me as to why I would possibly be taking a selfie in front of a bus...
  3. Apologies, good Lord no, no selfie sticks here!
  4. It was the first sip..!
  5. I went to an event called Yesterday's Farming at the weekend (I know, old tractors etc, don't judge me...) and found my favourite bar there! I wrote a story about it, as I was so excited to see it - and thought if anyone may share my joy, it would be here! The story is here: http:///CiderBusIlminster But here she is (plus obligatory selfie with a pint...):
  6. Same here! We're now going to be in Love Fields too. Thanks all for the efforts with the list. The numbers have fallen rapidly now so fingers crossed! Hope you all have a great one.
  7. I think it was in something like, other general rule breach or something, then there was 'ticket resale' or something. Cor, that was helpful, eh?! Apologies.
  8. It has to be for one (four people) doesn't it? They'd be mad otherwise?! Or really generous?
  9. Wow, don't give up peeps! I'm keeping the faith, perhaps in a deluded manor but you never know!
  10. Woah, people need to chill. 48 hours is plenty of time. And with any system such as this - which none of us hashed the inclination to set up or run - needs some organising, so good on you for running it. Them's the rules! I'm sure there are other places for help etc if this thread's not for you. It is definitely for me as I didn't even know how to follow a thread and now I do! We'll get there folks, don't let the pressure get to you! There is no pressure!
  11. Sounds mad that there were that many being sold, but encouraging all the same!
  12. Tipis on sale now... Nearly had a coronary when a new option appeared on refresh (and a water bottle?!)! Ah well, looks like See is a definite no-go...
  13. And we should all get one of these and make our own campervan field. http://cdn3.notonthehighstreet.com/system/product_images/images/001/317/891/original_children-s-camper-van-tent.jpg?1381154672
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