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  1. pogal

    AOC at Glastonbury?

    Anyway, she ain't comin'...
  2. No no, cynicism welcome! And doesn't it? I was well chuffed when I spotted the cider bus (as was my two-year-old, who screamed 'Glasto!). And I wasn't alone, that's for sure.
  3. Rest assured, I took the photo myself, rightly drawing the ire of those around me as to why I would possibly be taking a selfie in front of a bus...
  4. Apologies, good Lord no, no selfie sticks here!
  5. It was the first sip..!
  6. I went to an event called Yesterday's Farming at the weekend (I know, old tractors etc, don't judge me...) and found my favourite bar there! I wrote a story about it, as I was so excited to see it - and thought if anyone may share my joy, it would be here! The story is here: http:///CiderBusIlminster But here she is (plus obligatory selfie with a pint...):
  7. There's one called FindWayBack for the iPhone. Will have to test it out as I've been known to get a teensy bit lost at times... Although I've met some lovely people!
  8. Absolutely. I'm just an eternal optimist with these things (should know better, I know) and always think 'this will be the announcement that has lots of cracking additions'. Rarely happens.
  9. I may well be the only one a touch disappointed with the line-up, but, then again, I always am. I love it really.
  10. There have been worse, but there have certainly been many, many better. Fact.
  11. This 'small spots' announcement, which I usually get a lot from, underwhelms me this year. Just because the so-called 'big-names' have been announced doesn't mean I have to be happy with whatever else is slapped on the bill, surely?
  12. There's just not a lot that thrills me, not a lot there that hasn't been on the Reading bill at least twice in the last five years, not a lot there that's very exciting... In a word? Undewhelming.
  13. Please let that be a fake. Please.
  14. I'm purposely ignoring football over the weekend. We're playing Man U. Away.
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