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    Volunteering 2020

    Be interesting to see what happens with non standard priority for Oxfam. Id be qualifying for 2021 through the supervisor route (supervisor for the 2 previous years). I ticked the box to say I would supervise this year but I suppose it's not definitely confirmed until just before so as it stands now, technicaly I'm not a supervisor (if you see what I mean).
  2. People can hold more than one thought in their heads People can worry about more than one thing at once. I've had symptoms so I'm currently self isolating. Pretty sure I don't have it but your mind does go to some weird places. I made my peace with the festival cancelling a few days ago but I'll be fucking devastated when it gets confirmed
  3. All events at The Sands Centre in Carlisle are postponed Was supposed to be seeing Ross Noble in May
  4. On a selfish level I'll be one of the later ones to lose my job at my place. Some of my colleagues are fucked though. Zero hours people first of course. They haven't officially been let go but aren't getting any hours (we only have a couple and we are a second job for them. Unfortunately their first jobs are also in hospo). Then it'll be the new seasonal staff, then the returning seasonal staff, then the people on rolling temporary contracts, then people like me, one of the few here with a permanent full time contract. (hospitality doesn't necessarily treat it's staff well at the best of times) Another issue is a lot of people live in and have moved here for the job. They'll have to move back to parents homes, but some might not be able too. I wouldn't want to go back to my 73 year old, COPD suffering mother
  5. not my decision to make, i am but a lowly functionary. And it might well have been made by now, i wasn't in today. Also, people do have to take on a certain responsibility for themselves. they have the same info as we do and are still choosing to do it
  6. I work in a youth hostel. People are still booking beds in shared dorms. Not many bookings are coming in, but of the ones that are, a decent number are for dorms.
  7. philipsteak

    Volunteering 2020

    From meeting and seeing them around, the campaigners do seem to skew a bit younger but there's usually a few older in the mix too
  8. Yep. I'm off already (coughing all day, but that's all). Whereabouts in Cumbria are you? I'm in Ambleside. we've had a few big cancellations, but generally not that far down on where we'd be now. Future bookings have fallen off a cliff though. After that press conference I'm kinda glad I'm not in this week, the phone is going to be ringing off the hook.
  9. philipsteak

    Volunteering 2020

    I was wondering that cos it's quite unusual to announce like this. Maybe the roles have been expanded for some reason?
  10. Woke up with a persistent cough. No other symptoms, don't even feel ill, but work with the public and a reasonable sized team so taking no risks and self isolating. Unfortunately that's in a shared staff house so stuck in my room. Thank God for streaming box sets Just thinking of the many many interactions I had with customers over the weekend.
  11. I work in tourism. We've had a couple of big cancellations specifically because of Covid-19. Not because they couldn't travel but because they didn't want to risk it. In one case they've lost a lot of money as a result. Generally we are about as busy as normal for this time of year. Forward bookings are very very slow though. The Lakes do feel quieter generally. Whilst it's not exactly high season, I've just seen the last Windermere ferry of the day come in and there were about 8 people on it.
  12. "So after much consideration given the current circumstances..." as an opening line gave me palpitations
  13. Depending on which way my company decides to go regarding guest cancellations I'm expecting to get shouted at a lot in the next few days/weeks
  14. Get the Pools Panel to make up the scores for the rest of the season, but with that weeks' results read out every Saturday tea time.
  15. Well the biggest shock for me so far was learning that Nadine Dorries was health minister. Yeesh.
  16. Nothing wrong with silly. Or even stupid. They are just so lazy. Although that's a bit hypocritical of me I suppose, I'm also very lazy at work
  17. Not sure "enjoyed" is the word I'd use, but it was very good. Felt totally drained at the end. When he makes an effort he can be such a good actor. Makes it all the more frustrating that most of his stuff is just such shite
  18. 1995 wasn't it as I remember not being able to get anywhere near it too, and I wasn't there in 94
  19. That's the dream. Right there. Congrats
  20. Get Nanny to kiss it better (apologies for that image) I work in tourism and we've relaxed cancellation terms for people coming from China, South Korea and Italy for now
  21. Carter USM at Bangor University SU in October(?) 1993, followed a couple of months later by James supported by Radiohead at Manchester GMex.
  22. If those are the options I'd rather die from the virus
  23. True, but pretty much everyone is in by that point and you havent got 100000 in the Pyramid field, 40000 in the Other field etc
  24. Wait until the panic is over. It'll be a lot quieter for you to do your own panic buying and there might be some bargains by then
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