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  1. Finding leto14

    Royal Blood

    Great first half of the song and then breaks down into a samey solo which ruins it for me. Promising but potential to let down.... However what else were we expecting them to bring out?!
  2. Finding leto14

    2017 festival

    well that cleared that up then
  3. Finding leto14

    2017 festival

    will royal blood be lighting up reading/leeds this year?
  4. Finding leto14

    2019 Headliners

  5. Finding leto14

    Future headliners

    Bastille?? Really?? Royal Blood will surely be there if their next album is a success. I think they will be there next year high up the bill. Foals after their next album will headline. Tame impala if they have a completely storming album next they will, anything less than they won't. Blur surely back soon? Arctics by 2020? Nothing but thieves if their album is as good as their first?
  6. Finding leto14

    Kendrick Lamar

    Now a rumour for Friday other??? Is this good info??
  7. Finding leto14


    Sorry if it's been posted elsewhere but the sun really putting all their eggs in one basket with muse headlining!
  8. Finding leto14


    Muse announced for benicassim now. Only a matter of time for an announcement surely...